Thank you all for your input on my dilemma over the two training plans for the marathon. I am leaning towards the Runner’s World one at this point, but I still haven’t made a final decision.

I have a lot of random things to share with you today (hence the title… and yes I had to look in the dictionary on how to spell that word)! First of all, my sister-in-law is currently visiting a friend in Boston. She sent me a few pictures of a memorial that’s near the finish line of the Boston Marathon and I wanted to share them with you.

The Boston community and the running community as a whole amaze me with their resilience. Boston will run again and I cannot wait to see what next year’s race holds. You can continue to support those affected by the events by donating to the The One Fund Boston.
This morning I met up with my running buddy, Kim, for a long run. We ran 10 miles together on the Huckleberry Trail. I have shared with you in the past how much I love this trail. I especially love it on Saturday mornings. There are so many people out biking, running, and walking and everyone is so friendly.

I am a terrible photographer. Sorry about the sun spots.

It was a great day for a run. There was hardly any humidity in the air, which is pretty much a miracle for Virginia weather in mid-June. I felt great today. My legs felt strong, and that really helped boost my confidence after a tough race last weekend.

Recently I have gotten into a bad habit. I will find myself questioning whether I have any business training for a full marathon every time I have a bad long run or race. I know there are good days and bad ones, but I still can’t help it sometimes. Today was a good run that made me feel confident in my ability to train for a full.
I think I will make a point to visit the Huckleberry Trail at least once a month during training. There is just something about that trail that boosts my energy and my mood. Kim and I both agreed today that we tend to feel better on this trail than on the Dora Trail and New River Trail we often run on. I think it’s got something to do with the Huckleberry being paved, whereas the Dora and NR are crushed gravel. Although the crushed gravel is probably less impact on our joints, I just feel like I run better on pavement.
After my long run I hung out with Hank and Scout, who acted like they were the ones that ran 10 miles this morning.
There is actually a funny (to me) story behind this picture. Hank (the black and tan) was laying on the floor asleep in the above position. Scout was over in the corner chewing on a toy. All of a sudden she got up, walked over to Hank, walked a circle around him while looking down at him, and then laid down behind him in the same position and went to sleep. Monkey see, monkey do.
I found the July issue of Running Times in my mailbox this afternoon! I am looking forward to spending time tomorrow reading through it.
Doesn’t the guy on the cover (Evan Jager) have a sweet running outfit? Rockin’ the sweat band! 
This evening Barry and I attended a friend’s wedding reception. They had their wedding last weekend down in South Carolina, but held a second reception today since they also have a lot of friends and family in this area. The bride and groom arrived in style on one of the groom’s tractors.
It was a very relaxing evening at the river with barbecue and a live band. The band played bluegrass versions of everything from Elvis to Charlie Daniels to John Denver.
Once it got dark they got a fire going and they had all of the ingredients for smores. You better believe I was the first adult roasting a marshmallow, along with about 5 kids under the age of 10.
If you have made it to the end of this post, congratulations! It was a long one.
Do you have a special place you run/walk/bike where you feel your best?
What was your workout today? Anyone racing??
All you married folks: Did you have an indoor or outdoor wedding?
We had ours indoors. I didn’t want to add the weather to my list of things to worry about.

9 thoughts on “Potpourri”

  1. I love running at Buffalo Park. It’s small, but I know what to expect.No race until two weeks from now… but marathon training begins soon! Don’t be hard on yourself. Your mind is a terrible thing to waste on that nonsense!We had an indoor wedding. Actually, until I started running, (and still, mostly) I’m an indoor gal.

    1. Buffalo Park looks like such a nice place to run (based on the pictures you’ve posted)! Hope your training goes well! What date does yours start? I think mine will start July 1.

  2. The Huckleberry trail is really great!! I miss it! Roasted marshmallows/ s’mores are the best, I would have totally done the same thing!

  3. I LOVE running near my parent’s house in northern NJ. The first times I ran outside were there, and it is GORGEOUS, and it’s my first home, and and and….love. I haven’t done my workout yet today (although today = Monday because I’m behind on my blog reading). We’re having a very bad haze situation right now, so running outside has been pretty touch-and-go. I’m crossing my fingers that it clears up by tonight; otherwise, I’m on the treadmill.

  4. Wow, those Boston pictures are amazing. I think it would be hard to see that in person.I think Scout laid down next to Hank for the photo shoot just so they would look exhausted as if they’d gone on the run with you! I agree with you on running on the Huckleberry Trail. I always have a good run there! It is a lot hillier than the W&OD Trail, but it’s always so good to be back on it that I don’t even mind! My workout today consisted of putting up hurricane shutters on the beach house and cleaning it before we left and then sitting in the car for 8.5 hours…

    1. That was a tough mental workout! Sorry it took so long to get home, yikes! How long would it normally take without that horrendous traffic?

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