Chick Days – 11 weeks old

Happy Father’s Day!!

The chickens will be 11 weeks old tomorrow and they continue to grow and grow! Agnes is always in the mood to pose for the camera. Cecilia (on the left) likes to photo bomb Agnes’ pictures.

Do you remember how I told you last week that the chickens will occasionally lay on their side to sunbathe? Well this week I finally got pictures of a few of them doing so! I had to sit very still in the chicken run for a long time (and by that I mean for 10 minutes or so), until the chickens went back to their usual routine and stopped caring that I was sitting there. Here is Cecilia sunbathing:

They will lay on their side, fluff all of their feathers out, and just soak in the sun. More often than not they like to do this on top of the black tub that’s pictured above and below.

It’s funny to see them assume their sunbathing position. They will hop up onto the black tub and then abruptly slouch over to the side and spread their feathers out.

Occasionally they will sunbathe in the grass instead of on the black tub.

The chickens also enjoyed more fruit this week. I gave them strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and sugar snap peas. They have had strawberries before, which seem to be their favorite. The blueberries, pineapples, and sugar snap peas were new for them this week.

The pineapple and blueberries were very popular, but they didn’t seem to like the sugar snap peas very much. They mostly just scattered them around. So far strawberries and pineapple appear to be their most favorite foods. We have some leftover spaghetti and I’m debating whether or not to give that a try with them. Maybe they will think it’s worms??

10 thoughts on “Chick Days – 11 weeks old”

  1. What’s the temperature like? Are they hopping up on the black thing because it’s warm?I thought I might lose interest in them when they lost their “super cute” phase – but alas, I’m still intrigued and curious – and excited for the eggs in a few more months! :)Keep growing, gals! Keep growing!

    1. The temperature is hot. I think it was in the upper 70’s or lower 80’s when I took the sunbathing pictures. I think they probably do like the black thing because it’s warmer. I thought I might run out of things to share once they got out of their baby phase, but so far there have been enough new things to keep going! The series will probably end with the first eggs, though.

  2. They are morphing from cute to awkward to now beautiful! I love these updates. My friend says her chickens love melon. I forgot if you’ve tried it?

    1. I’ve given them honeydew and cantaloupe. Both were hits! They ate the extra flesh I had scraped out of the middle of the melons, as well as the seeds.

    1. I hope my blog can help your friend! She can probably search “Chick Days” in the search bar on the left sidebar to bring up all of the chick days posts. I found a lot of great information on under their “Know How” section and on backyardchickens.comYes, the eggs are the main reason for raising them.

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