Not the run I had planned

Tonight I planned to take a week off from the track and do a 6 mile tempo run. I wanted to do a workout that incorporated a sustained effort, but wouldn’t beat me up the way the track seems to, since I have a 10K race on Saturday. And I did run 6 miles tonight, but I’m not sure it could necessarily be considered a tempo run. Miles 2-5 were faster, but that was the only way my run resembled a tempo.

First of all I had to stop between every. single. mile. to stretch my Achilles and lower calves. I am still having a lot of problems with tightness and my Achilles feeling like they are on fire while I run. My right Achilles actually got so tight during mile 5 that my right foot went numb. I stretched a bunch after my run and foam rolled when I got home.

I also failed to restart my watch after stopping at mile 1 to stretch, so I did not get an actual split on mile 2 (my first “faster” mile), which bothered me. I thought I started my watch as I set off on mile 2, but I didn’t. I noticed about 0.35 miles in, so I just added about 3:10 onto the first split.

On top of that, the bugs tonight were horrendous. The trail I ran on follows the creek most of the way, and the amount of bugs were just out of control. I swallowed a bunch and had parts of my run where I could only look at the ground because the bugs were so heavy.

My splits were 9:22/9:43/9:17/9:16 for miles 2-5. These times are supposed to be a medium-hard effort for me, but tonight they felt nearly impossible. It was 88 degrees and humid outside, so I’m sure that had something to do with it, but I’m not making excuses. I just didn’t run the way I’m capable of running this evening.
Lastly, I randomly threw up during my cool down mile. I have no idea why, I never felt nauseous or anything. I was just running along and all of a sudden all of the water in my stomach made a reappearance. Luckily there was no one around to witness.

On a happier note, I ran with my iPod shuffle this evening and I did at least enjoy the company of music. Also, the cows are back! Our backyard backs up to a farm that raises beef cattle and during the spring, summer, and early fall the cows are in the fields adjacent to our backyard.

I used the x-large size so you could see a little better

Anyone ever had issues with their Achilles? Any suggestions or advice??

Do you run/exercise with music?

8 thoughts on “Not the run I had planned”

  1. I always ride with music. Last night about 2 miles in to a 13 mile ride my battery died. Had to sing to myself the rest of the way. Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” was the last song I heard and she kept me company the rest of the time.My white shirt was covered with bugs when I got done. Took it off and shook it before I went into the house. I use wrap around shades. Not a good idea to look down when your doing 13-17 MPH in northern Virginia rush hour traffic. The yellow ones don’t stop!Can’t help with the chili heel. Hope it gets better.LUD.

    1. I listened to that same song towards the end of my run! Haha yea looking down while riding a bike in rush hour traffic would not be safe.

  2. Don’t take one bad run too seriously. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sounds like it’s time to just move on from this one. Is the leg feeling weird any other time? Like, in life? When you say it’s tight, I really want to suggest that you apply heat. But then you say it feels like it’s burning, and I really want to suggest you apply ice. So maybe just soak it in luke-warm water? <—Kidding. Seriously, though – I’d try both and see what feels better.Also, if it’s feasible, maybe a sport massage would help? A masseuse should also be able to tell you if there’s tension hiding somewhere in your lower extremities that could be exacerbating your leg issues. Maybe?Good luck getting this sorted…sounds rather sucky.And…ew, on the bugs. I also hate that part about riding my bike – getting bugs stuck in your throat is gross.

    1. My legs weren’t feeling off at all when I wasn’t running, they just get bad and stay bad about a 1/2 mile into my run and stay bad. My ankles were sore this morning but I think it was from intense foam rolling/sticking my lower calves last night. I think I may try alternating heat/cold on and off, ending on cold. A massage sounds wonderful! That may have to happen, too 🙂 Thanks for your suggestions.

  3. Oh no!! Like Holly said, hopefully you can just brush this one off and take it for what it was. I have no suggestions for your leg..sorry =(. I hope it feels better soon!!!! Bugs are the worst!!! I ate quite a few on my run this weekend, too. I am not pleased about it. This humidity and heat is killing me, too. I didn’t get up early to run this morning, so I was going to do it after work…but it was like 88…so now I’m waiting for it to get dark in the hopes that it at least cools down a few degrees. You have such a beautiful view!!!I usually run without music. I downloaded an audiobook for my race since I’m sure it will take me over 6.5 hours and I just can’t sing to myself for that long…I tried out on an easy 7 miler this weekend and it was really nice.

    1. When I run through a swarm of bugs it actually makes me downright angry, haha. Kind of ridiculous, but then I also get over it pretty quick once I’m through the bugs. That audiobook sounds like a good idea for your race! What book did you choose? Is it one you’ve read before? I like listening to audiobooks of books that I read and really enjoyed. For some reason I don’t like listening to new books on audiobook because I like to actually see the words for myself when I’m reading it for the first time…. if that makes any sense.

  4. I hope you can figure out what’s causing the Achilles pain/tightness. Does gentle stretching or massaging it help?I rarely run with music since I almost always run with a friend. You know that I love your view because I love cows! 🙂

    1. Ugh, me too! Stretching helps, but when they’re on fire during my run and when I stop to stretch it initially hurts worse (even with gentle stretching). Then it starts to loosen up and feel better. Cows are my favorite farm animal 🙂

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