The Salt Capital of the Confederacy

The 4 mile tempo run I had planned for today didn’t happen. I ended up having a long day at work and got home as the sun was setting. I prefer not to run in the dark around here (there are no street lights), plus I’m scared of the dark anyway. So I did a level 3 30 day shred workout. I will just push all my runs by one day, and do my tempo run tomorrow. Sometimes work really gets in the way of my running.

Photo from the Run the Edge Facebook page, which I found through Deb Runs

Today I worked in the lovely town of Saltville, the “Salt Capital of the Confederacy” as the sign will have you know:

Here’s a view of the town from the mountain overlook you pass on your way into town:

That area on the left with the water is a park area that has a bunch of paved paths. You can’t quite tell, but it’s kind of green-tinted because the water is really briney there. Every time I drive through Saltville I want to stop and go for a run at this park. That really wouldn’t work out, though, since I usually either wear flats or steel toe boots for work. Neither of those are exactly ideal for running.

Hopefully someday I’ll get a chance to run there, though. Every time I see a trail when I’m out driving or traveling I always want to go run on it. If there’s no sign saying what park it is, I find a nearby intersection and use Google maps to figure out where the trail starts. Just last week when I drove to NorfolkI saw the High Bridge State Park Trail that ran parallel to Route 460. I was tempted to stop on my way home last Wednesday to do a run on this trail, but I ended up leaving Norfolktoo late in the afternoon.

Do you run in the dark? If so do you use a head lamp? Do you ever go for a run by yourself in the dark (early morning or night)?

Do you seek out trails when you see them from the road while driving? Does seeing a trail/bike path make you want to go for a run?

12 thoughts on “The Salt Capital of the Confederacy”

  1. Ooooooh yes – when I see a trail, I start to get twitchy to run!! When I had a car, I’d keep a spare set of running clothes and a towel in there, just in case a random running opportunity arose.Nowadays…I’m totally spoiled. Singapore is UBER safe, so I can pretty much run anywhere, anytime. Even my husband agrees (and he’s more paranoid than I). It’s pretty urban, so there are lots of street lights, but there are also parks with street lights, and trails where you need a head lamp. Not sure I’d go onto the trails at night (I might get accosted by a monkey or something, no lie), but anything in the parks/streets is pretty safe. Plus, there are almost always people out and about.

  2. Me too about the trails! Wherever it is, I look at it and dream of running. When I was a grad student at the office just about all the time (but with flexible hours), I kept running clothes and old shoes in a drawer just in case the urge hit me. So sorry your work kept you from running 😦 that is frustrating. I do run at night if I have to, but only after I felt safe about my neighborhood. I live in a very Jewish community where people are often walking back and forth from the temple at all times and I trust they are safe. I like feeling that people are around if I am running. And I carry my phone. I keep saying I should get pepper spray, but I never do. I will though!

    1. My mom got me pepper spray and I take it with me on all long runs and most of my weekly runs. I’ve only ever come close to using it a few times, because of dogs. If there’s a shifty looking person I make sure to have it in my hand ready to go, just in case.

  3. I don’t run in the dark… I haven’t had to do it, thank goodness!Trails are so inviting. I’d run on them every time if I could. Sorry your day got in the way of your run. Sounds like you’ll be able to pick up where you left off tomorrow (plus, you got to spend some quality time with Jillian!).

  4. I have done some minimal dark morning running. I NEED to do morning running now-a-days, but I am just too scared. I don’t necessarily live in an unsafe area, and I run with my dog, but I am just a huge worry-wart about it. I can tell you that I always run with my phone (dark or not) and when I DO run in the dark, I have a reflective vest, a red light that clips onto my shoe, and if I’m running on roads/trails that aren’t well lit, then I also have a headlamp. I’ve only done it like 3-4 times, though, since I’ve been in DC/VA. I’m hoping to make a fresh start next week because my evenings are just getting too full. Work ALWAYS gets in the way of running 😉 Sometimes I can slip out for a lunchtime run, though, which always puts me in a good mood the rest of the day. (and it’s totally okay because my boss does it too, ha). Seeing any trail makes me itch. When I was running the MC 17.75 the other week, I saw all of these great single-track dirt trails jutting off the course and I had to keep holding back the urge to just bound away on one of them.

    1. I wish my job allowed for a lunchtime run!! It would have been really funny if you had gone off course to explore during the race and other people had followed you 🙂

  5. HaHaHa! Saltville HS was my rival high school growing up! You were down in “my neck of the woods!” My parents still live about 30 minutes from there.I used to always run in the early morning dark, but with my current schedule I don’t have to. Our neighborhood has street lights, so it’s not too bad. We have head lights for when we’re in Blacksburg and have to run on the Huckleberry trail super early. I freak out running there in the dark because I’m sure I’ll be eaten by a mountain lion. My son saw a bob cat/mountain lion behind Kobe’s his junior year at VT. Yikes!

    1. Haha, small world! I think I can guess which high school you went to 🙂 Yea I’ve heard of people actually seeing a mountain lion while using the Huckleberry Trail before. I never have, though!

  6. I’ve only ran with other runners who have a headlamp on. I’ve personally never worn one but I totally would. I would want it to be a disco light though to really get the party started!

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