Washing workout clothes

It’s starting to look like spring! The birds are out and the flowers are starting to bloom. Maybe I can put my running tights away for the year?? *knock on wood* Now that I say it looks like spring, we’ll get another snow storm…. This pretty much sums up Virginia weather:

Borrowed from Real Food for Fuel

This evening after work I went for a 3 mile run. I did an out and back on the roads around our house at a comfortably hard pace, which ended up being 9:32/mile pace. I actually didn’t have any dog incidents! I got barked at by at least 8 dogs, but they were all either fenced in, tied out in the yard, or had an invisible fence. That last one I wasn’t so sure of, but then he stopped about 5 feet from the road. My legs, particularly my hamstrings and glutes, were sore today. I guess I worked hard during yesterday’s 30 day shred workout!

I noticed when I put on my long sleeve shirt, which was washed on Saturday afternoon, that it still kind of smelled. It definitely didn’t smell like dirty laundry, but it had a faint “I’ve been sweat in” smell. I don’t do anything special for my workout clothes, they just get washed like everything else. But apparently the normal wash cycle/normal detergent isn’t cutting it. I think I may need to consider other options, though.

And just for fun, this is what happens when a dog this size (72 pounds):

And a dog this size (125 pounds):

Go after the same toy that is in the back of this crate:

Right after I snapped this picture the bigger dog, Hank, panicked because he realized he couldn’t turn around. But then he did turn around and got out. Crisis averted.

Are you having some warmer springtime weather?

Do you do anything special to wash your workout clothes?


16 thoughts on “Washing workout clothes”

  1. Ha I can just picture the freak out. Sometimes Indy goes in Cooper’s crate and and he has to crouch to fit. Nothing special for my workout clothes…but that may have to change come summer when I start sweating like I live in a rainforest.

    1. Well mostly the puppy kicks Indy off of his bed, too, ha. Indy has taken to the floor at the foot of the bed, while Cooper sprawls out on the giant dog bed. Mostly Indy is a big wuss.

    2. Haha our puppy is in charge, too! Our older dog, Hank, who is almost 3 years old lets her walk all over him. He just looks at us and sighs.

  2. Just popped over from Logan’s blog. If you find the solution to the stinky gear, please let me know. It’s a fight I’ve been fighting for a long time. I find things usually smell OK…until they get sweaty again. Then, it’s an immediate stink-fest. I’ve tried the special detergent sold for workout gear; I don’t think it helps. In fact, I’ve found All to be the best detergent for the stink. But still, it doesn’t solve all the problems. Some people suggest adding EITHER vinegar or baking soda to the wash; I’ve tried vinegar, and again, not much result. Baking soda sounds promising; giving that a shot this month. We’ll see!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m not really sold on the special detergent either, nor do I want to spend the money on it. Baking soda sounds promising, though! If it works for my fridge I don’t see why it won’t for workout clothes 🙂 let me know how that works out!

  3. Haha! The dogs are so freakin’ funny! I have used the special “sporty” (read: expensive) detergents. They work, but is it worth it or just gimicky when you know they are about to smell all over again! Most race shirts are made from the cheaper technical fabrics which really stink. THe higher quality, thicker tech fabrics aren’t as bad…

    1. They definitely keep us entertained :-)It is a long sleeve technical shirt that I got from a race. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem to smell clean? It didn’t have any kind of “new shirt stink” when I got it, though.

  4. I don’t do anything special with my workout clothes (I am probably ruining potential friendships every time I work out near other people). That said, I haven’t had them for all that long because I haven’t been doing this forever! :)Maybe if you soaked them for awhile before running them through a cycle that would help?

  5. I encounter a lot of loose dogs when I run near my parents’ house, so I understand how your runs can be affected by them. Your “dogs in the crate” picture is hilarious! I don’t use any special detergent for our running clothes, but I used to use a special one for our sons’ wrestling clothes. It had an anti-fungal agent in it.

    1. It’s gotten to the point where I won’t go certain directions on the roads around our house because of the loose dogs. Eventually I’ll try that way again, bring the pepper spray, and ultimatley call animal control if it doesn’t stop.

  6. Yay for no dog incidents!! Although the dog “incident” at your house was pretty hilarious. Looks like your bigger dog has no concept of his own size. LOLI don’t use any special detergent on clothes, but I don’t dry them, either. I read once that drying them isn’t good for smells for some reason.

    1. I think he thinks he is about the size of his head! I hang dry all of my technical running stuff, but more to increase their longevity.

  7. I add a little Clorox 2 to my regular detergent, and then air-dry the clothes once they’ve been washed. Usually that works, but I do have a couple of shirts that I bought at Target when I first started running last year, and those SMELL in the armpit area. Can’t seem to get that out. So maybe it’s the particular material? I’ve never had trouble with more expensive brands of shirts. *shrug*

    1. I have a few from Target, too… that technical C9 line. They have that same stink problem in the arm pit area. Must be something about that particular brand!

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