It’s windy outside

Well the weather went and did a 180 from yesterday to today. Just when I thought we were heading into spring… Today the temperature hasn’t gotten out of the 30’s and it’s very windy. We have also had snow on and off, and at times it has snowed so hard it was a complete white out. Funny thing- the weatherman predicted a high of 52 today, but the high ended up being 36. They have this 3 degree guarantee contest where if the actual high is within 3 degrees of what the weatherman predicted they put $10 into a pot that goes to charity at the end of the month ($100 if he gets it exactly right). He was off by 16 degrees today, haha.

This morning started off with a level 3 30 day shred workout, inside and out of the weather. Level 3 is still very hard for me, but I feel stronger during the workout than I did my first day at this level. Today I did every movement without switching to the modified version of the move partway through the sequence (for those who’ve done 30 Day Shred I’m talking about Natalie vs. Anita).

This evening Barry and I braved the wind and ran 5 miles on the trail in town. I decided to take today and tomorrow easy, since we are going to be running a 10K on Saturday. Last week I ran hard (for me) on all 3 of my weekday runs and then I felt very tired and sluggish during my long run on Saturday. I don’t want to feel that way for our race, so I think easing off today and tomorrow will be best. The low water bridge was almost under water after the hard rain we had a few days ago.

Dinner tonight was cornbread chicken pot pie. Basically it’s chicken, cream of chicken soup, and corn mixed together and then topped with cornbread. It’s a recipe out of my Campbell’s casserole recipe book that my grandparents gave me a few Christmases ago. Perfect dinner after a cold day. Want to know the secret to awesome cornbread? Jiffy.

Only 8 more days until spring!!! (or something like that)

Are you running a St. Patrick’s Day-themed race?

Any signs of spring yet where you live?

10 thoughts on “It’s windy outside”

  1. Your weather sounds so much luck ours–the high water and everything! And the weather forcast, um, wrong much? LOL It’s so painful to have 30-degree weather in March. Ours was actually in the 20’s today and sooooo coooooold and windy. #isitsummeryet

  2. Cornbread chicken pot pie sounds so good and easy! I am so tired of my favorite parks here being by the river, which means they are always super-windy. It has been warm, but it is getting cold tomorrow. I am ready for spring, too, but unfortunately I am headed north for the first couple days of spring. I expect when I return it to be fully spring.

  3. That pie sounds so good. I love cornbread with butter!The picture you posted of your running trail looks like the perfect place to run and I’m happy for you that you got out there and saw that today! 🙂

  4. Yeah I totally thought it was going to be like 60’s and sunny all week..and then all of a sudden it’s been cold and windy. No me gusta. I’m doing the Rock and Roll Half on Saturday, so not particularly St. Patty’s themed, but I think our finish line party is also at the same place where a St. Patty’s festival is being held!

    1. I did, too! I’m pretty sure that’s what they predicted at the beginning of the week. We got jipped! Hope you have a great race on Saturday!! I heard the changed the course from last year, although I’ve never run the race.

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