Four miles and a new phone

We are having some gorgeous spring-like weather today. It was a really pretty day outside today, with the temperature in the upper 50’s. That means it was shorts and t-shirt running weather! This evening I did a 4 mile progressive run at the trail in town. I felt strong and fresh today. I ate a granola bar about 20 minutes before my run, after discovering last week that I feel a lot better if I eat shortly before running. My mile splits were: 10:24, 9:37, 9:14, and 8:53. I also did a 0.8 mile cool down afterwards.

This morning was my third day at level 3 of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred (day 23 overall). Let me tell you, Jillian is not messing around! Level 3 is really tough and she means business. I don’t know if 23 days is enough to see much change (I hope it is, though…) but I feel like my running has gotten a bit stronger since I started the 30 day shred. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve gotten any faster, but I’m finding that my usual pace feels easier than it used to.

One last thing to mention. Last night we went by the phone store and found out that I was eligible for an upgrade. I ended up choosing my first-ever smart phone, so I have now crossed over to the world of smart phones! It was quite a concept to see email messages real time as they came in today! The phone also takes much higher quality pictures than my old phone did. That picture of the trail was taken with my phone, during my cool down. I have now joined instagram, as turkeyrunner, although I’m not quite sure exactly what to do with it. I’ll also now be able to scan all those funky codes that are on everything (once I figure out what app does that….).  

How is the weather where you are?

We had a beautiful day today!

Do you have a smart phone? Tell me something cool that I can do on my new phone! 
Are you on instagram?

7 thoughts on “Four miles and a new phone”

  1. I use my phone to track my runs! And take pictures. I don’t know if this is cool, but it made me laugh: I heard today there are a ton of apps that popped up in the last day that are tracking the Vatican to see if the smoke is black or white (if they choose a new pope). Again, totally random, but it is so funny that your phone can track that.

    1. That is cool! I guess they have an app for just about anything. I thought it was so funny to see all of them turning in their cell phones as they went in to conclave. I forgot about the smoke, but now I remember reading about it in Angels & Demons.

  2. Congrats on the new phone, Meagan! Smart phones are really awesome when you’re able to use apps that can help you with your daily routine. From games to work tools to photo editing, I have an app for practically everything. That aside, what did you do with your old phone? I sold mine after my latest upgrade. Anyway, thanks for sharing! -Joanna@TechPayout

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