Snowing again and some baking

Today started out as a lazy Saturday. Barry and I stayed in our PJ’s until Noon and had a quiet morning watching TV (him), reading blogs on the computer (me), and baking (more on that in a minute). Finally a little after 4 o’clock we headed out for a run. We ran a little over 6 miles on the roads around our house. I felt pretty good on this run, except my back was a little sore. The weather isn’t too bad today, temperature-wise. It’s currently hovering a little over 30 degrees but there’s no wind, so actually pretty nice to run in. It was snowing throughout our run today and by the end it was sticking to the roads pretty good (we’re supposed to get about 4 inches). We had to be careful and make sure the cars coming around the curves on the road didn’t slide.

Mr. Boy also joined us for the end of our run, and escorted us down the driveway and to our backdoor. I ran inside to get my camera to try and get a picture of him, but he eluded me once again. Maybe next time…

Not a whole lot to report from yesterday. I worked all day and then Barry took me out for a date night. We went out to Olive Garden and had a nice time talking over some good food. I got the lobster cannelloni with shrimp and Barry had the three-cheese ravioli.



I’m still working on this whole photography thing, and also it still embarrasses me to take pictures of my food in a restaurant. The dishes actually looked really nice and they did a nice job on the presentation…. too bad I ruined it with my crappy photo skills.

As I mentioned, I started the day off with some baking. Recently Hungry Runner Girl included this braided bread on her blog. It looked so good, so I had to give it a try. It wasn’t too difficult to make, which is saying something for someone who was never made bread like this from scratch before. I didn’t realize there was so much waiting, though! Who knew you had to let bread rise before you baked it?? 😉 Good thing I started it this morning so it would be ready for this afternoon (part of the reason we didn’t go running until after 4). It turned out mostly looking like it’s supposed to, and it tasted really good. There’s nothing quite like fresh out of the oven warm bread.


This recipe will definitely be added to the recipe book for future use. The loaf on the right is plain and the one on the left is Barry’s creation. He decided to add brown sugar to the “egg wash” that you brush on the bread before baking it. Then he sprinkled a little pumpkin spice on top. It turned out really sweet and would make for a great dessert. Judging by the size of the bread I think I did a really good job of letting it rise 🙂

Runnin’ against the wind (and with it)

I’ll be honest, I just didn’t want to run today. You know those days where you just don’t want to go back outside? Yea, it was one of those. But I am feeling a bit better today, and I felt up to a run, despite the pounding headache that is still sticking with me. So I got out there and ran 4 miles at 9:45 pace this evening after work. It is coooold outside again. Right now it’s 32 degrees with 20+ MPH winds, making it feel like it’s actually in the teens. One interesting fact: even a middle of the pack runner can hit Kenyan speed when running downhill with a 20 MPH wind directly at your back (although you’ll freeze).

Not quite this fast, even with the wind

A highlight of my run, today: An older man was walking out to his mailbox as I was running by. He says to me “Hi. You are very brave.” I guess he thought I was tough stuff to be out there in the wind…. he probably wouldn’t think I was so brave if he knew I am afraid of the dark though.

[from my Pinterest]

What really got me out there today was the fact that I am feeling a bit better from my cold, and the fact that I did not run yesterday. That, and my personal motto:

Don’t mind the bright circle at the top from my poor photography skills.

But seriously, lets talk about the weather for a minute

Two and a half weeks ago: 50 degrees and muggy, then we had 3 straight days of a torrential down pour-type rain
Two weeks ago: The temperature dips below freezing and we get 9 1/2 inches of snow, it remains cold and windy for the next six days
One week ago: Another snow storm rolls through and drops another 4 inches on us, it stays cold and windy over the weekend
Two days ago: The thermometer hits 70 degrees for the high during the day
One day ago: We have severe thunderstorms, high winds, and flooding
Today: There is a flash flood warning, a high wind warning, and a winter storm advisory all at the same time….

And I experienced all three of those warnings at the same time in the area I was working in today:

That creek is normally about 3 feet wide… and that white area back there? That’s where the blizzard was. I was lucky that low bridge I was driving across wasn’t flooded, and at times while driving it was a complete white out. The weather has been wild lately, and the news is currently showing the devastation people across the country have been experiencing as a result. Locally, I think we have seen all 4 seasons over the span of about two weeks. Again I ask you Mother Nature…. can we just pick one season and stick with it for a bit? K, thanks.


I am home sick today. That head cold that was coming on has arrived. Don’t worry, though, because I found comfort on the couch while watching Fame, The Princess Diaries, and the first Harry Potter movie. I also have two buddies who are more than happy to spend the day napping/watching movies.

I intended to attempt a run today, even if I couldn’t go to work, but I really don’t feel up to it. Also, we are having strong thunderstorms, high winds, and a chance of tornadoes this afternoon/evening…. that’s enough for me to stay inside.

Did anyone hear about the Spanish athlete who showed a true display of sportsmanship at a cross country race in December, instead of taking advantage of another competitor’s mistake? I came across this article through the Richmond Marathon facebook page.

Photo from the article “Honesty of the long-distance runner”

Abel Mutai of Kenya, number 7 in the photo, had opened up a gap that made him the sure winner. But then he pulled up 10 meters short, mistakenly thinking he had crossed the finish line. Ivan Fernandez Anaya, the athlete in the green singlet above, was running in second. Mutai’s mistake gave Fernandez Anaya the chance to blow by him and win the race. Instead, Fernandez Anaya used gestures to direct Mutai to the finish line, all while staying behind him.

Fernandez Anaya’s coach, Martin Fiz, stated that although the gesture made Fernandez Anaya a better person, it did not make him a better athlete. Fiz states that “you have to go out to win every time”. However, Fernandez Anaya goes on to explain that at this particular cross country race there was nothing at stake, except maybe bragging rights if he had won (Mutai was a bronze medalist in the 3,000 meter steeplechase at the London Olympics). He states that if there had been higher stakes, such as a European medal, then he would have exploited Mutai’s mistake to win. That’s quite impressive and speaks a lot about his integrity.

I think Fernandez Anaya did the right thing and showed us that even at higher levels of competition winning isn’t everything. Sometimes it’s more important to be a good human being, even if your coach doesn’t approve.

Go directly to summer, do not pass go, do not collect $200

Guess what? It got up to 70 degrees today… That’s right, nothing above freezing all weekend and now it’s like summer outside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining, but could we find a happy medium?

The good news: I got to run in shorts and a t-shirt this evening.

The bad news: Going from below freezing temp’s this weekend to 70 today is causing me to come down with a head cold.

Barry joined me for 3 miles this evening after work. Like I already mentioned, it was warmed up outside which is nice (except for the mud from all of the snow melting). I felt low on energy tonight, but I think that’s got to do with that head cold that’s been coming on. I’ve felt really tired yesterday and today, my throat is buggin me, and my head feels all congested and headachey (that’s a word). Hopefully it’ll just pass.

Here’s the only picture I have for you today:

That’s the view from our deck this evening. There isn’t even a hint of the foot of snow we got over the past 1 1/2 weeks. I guess two sunny 50+ days will do that. The sunset was prettier in person, I promise.

Release the hounds

Fly by post tonight. I took a rest day today because I had something more important to do after work this evening:

Scout, our 5 month old Bloodhound puppy, had her final exam for puppy kindergarten. She passed, so then she had graduation along with her class! You better believe there was music 🙂

Barry and I are now the proud parents of two puppy kindergarten graduates. Hank, who is now nearly 3 years old, graduated a little over 2 years ago. I was confident Scout would pass today, but Hank was a challenge and we were not so sure he would. I guess boys are more stubborn than girls.

I think the teacher would revoke their certificates if she knew how they really acted at home, though….

We’ll just let her keep on thinking they act more like this:

"I've opted for fun in this lifetime." -Jerry Garcia