Music or no music??

So tomorrow is that race I’ve been talking about lately- the Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler. I’m excited and nervous, but I get that way about every race no matter what the distance is. However I am also feeling very unsure about it. With the way my running has been recently (highs and lows) I just don’t know which version of me is going to show up at the start line tomorrow. It’s also kind of a weird race in that it doesn’t start until 1 PM.

One thing I cannot decide is whether or not to bring my iPod along. Quite the dilemma…. I know. I didn’t run with my iPod during last year’s race, but I ran the first half of the race with Nicki. I knew we would be running together for some of the race, which is why I didn’t bring any music. I seldom run with music, even when I have to do a long run by myself. But I do occasionally run with my iPod during training runs. I have only ever run a race with my iPod one time and it was last June when I ran the Varmint 1/2 Marathon. I knew the race was in a rural area with very few spectators. It was also a very challenging, hilly race and I was so glad to have music to keep my mind from taking over.

After last year’s Varmint with our age group sheep trophies… it’s a very small race.

Tomorrow’s race will be similar to the Varmint HM. From what I can remember from last year, there are a fair number of spectators at the start and finish line, but not much in between. The last half of the race is an out and back on a bike trail, so runners do get to encourage each other as they pass, which is really nice. But I’m thinking I may want my iPod tomorrow. If I crank up the tunes, maybe I can quiet that voice in my head that’s been throwing off my runs lately.

Anytime I do run with my iPod I always keep one earbud out so I can hear what’s going on around me. During a race it’s important to hear instructions from course marshalls, any possible approaching vehicles (the first few miles of tomorrow’s race are on neighborhood roads), and runners around me. I also want to hear if any spectators cheer for me so I can acknowledge them in some way! Have you ever spectated a race where it seemed like everyone had their earbuds in and you cheered and they didn’t even seem to hear you or see you? I have and it definitely lessens the experience for both spectators and participants.

It looks like there’s a chance of rain/snow tonight and more snow showers tomorrow through the afternoon. They’re predicting the high will be 33 degrees. This could get interesting!

What do you think I should do tomorrow?? Music or no music?

Do you regularly run with an iPod?

Do you use music during a race?

One thought on “Music or no music??”

  1. Good luck in your race! Whatever you decide I know you’ll do great! I like to run with music, but I usually have the volume so low that the only time I can hear it perfectly is when there is no noise around me. The rest of the time it’s kind of like background noise. Let us know what you decide! 🙂

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