Virtual MCM Training – Week 12

I am training for the Marine Corps Marathon, which will be held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My race day was on October 18, which means this week was race week!! This post concludes my virtual MCM training series.

Monday – 4 miles easy
I had the day off of work, so I made plans to meet up with my friend Lori for a trail run in Roanoke.

My legs were still a bit sore and tired from Allison Woods. It rained lightly during our run. Honestly, I’d had enough of the rain after last weekend, but it did make the leaves really vibrant!

I love trail running this time of year, except for playing the game “leaf or rock.”

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 5 mile workout
This was a fairly light workout and it felt good to get my legs turning over a little. I did 15 x 30 second pickups with 30 second rest, along with a warm up and cool down.

I thought they were already setting up the Christmas lights at the park. But when I went over to look at them, they turned out to be set up for a Halloween light show. Cool!

Thursday – Easy hike
It was a gorgeous day, so I went for an easy hike back at the park. You get to see a lot of beauty when trail running. But I think sometimes you can miss a lot of it since your focus is primarily on the ground.

Friday – 3 miles easy

Saturday – 3 miles easy
I ran first thing in the morning with Barry. We ran by some fall babies 🙂 They’re so cute!

Sunday – Virtual Marine Corps Marathon race!
Spoiler alert: We did it! But you’ll have to wait for my race report for more details.

Photo credit: Christine
Under the Overlord Arch at the D-Day Memorial, our finish line. Photo: Christine

Total miles: 41.2 miles

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