Virtual MCM Training – Week 8

I am training for the Marine Corps Marathon, which will be held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My race day will be on October 18. I was struggling with some overall fatigue last week, but things seemed to get back on track this week.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 8 mile workout
Normally my workouts are on Wednesdays, but this week’s schedule had it set for Tuesday. I started with a long warm up and then did 5 x 8 minutes at half marathon pace with 2 minutes rest in between, followed by a cool down. This workout went really well. My legs felt good and I enjoyed the workout.

Wednesday – 5 miles easy
It was a hazy morning – I suspect from the smoke drifting across the country from the wildfires out west.

It was also cooler this morning, around 50 degrees, and I ran in a long sleeve for the first time in awhile.

Thursday – Ab circuit; 30 min. stationary bike

Friday – 5 miles easy

Saturday – 4.5 mile hike
I met up with a small group of friends on a crisp morning to hike Bottom Creek Gorge.

This hike also featured one of Virginia’s highest waterfalls at 200 feet high. It’s hard to capture the splendor in a photo, but it was breathtaking to look at in person.

Photo credit: Lauren H

Sunday – 20 mile long run
The weather this weekend could not have been more perfect. It was 39 degrees at the start of my long run and in the upper 50’s at the finish. I felt great, and put in one of my best long runs of this training cycle.

Kim and I ran together and the miles absolutely flew by today. There were some miles in the middle that we ran at 30 seconds slower than marathon goal pace and at marathon goal pace. Stuff like that sometimes looks daunting to me on paper, but we were spot on with our pacing today. We both have a timed race coming up in a few weeks (6 hour for me, and 12 hour for her) and I think we are ready!

Total miles: 42.5 miles
Weeks to MCM: 4!!

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