Virtual MCM Training – Week 6

I am training for the Marine Corps Marathon, which will be held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My race day will be on October 18. This week they released a preview of the medal, which they normally don’t do. I don’t usually care that much about my race medals, but this one is SO cool and I’m excited to earn it!

Last week and the week before, I was dealing with some nagging hip pain. Heading into this week, things seemed to be calming down and feeling better. Here’s a breakdown of week 6 of training…

Monday – 30 min. stationary bike
I had run my 19 mile long run the day before, so I kept my cross training light and easy. My legs felt really good, though, and were barely sore or tired.

Tuesday – 7 miles easy
I found some evidence of the world of Harry Potter along the way…

Wednesday – 7 mile workout
I look forward to my ‘Workout Wednesdays’ each week. This week’s workout was 5 x 1 mile at marathon goal pace with a 3 minute jog in between, in addition to a warm-up and a short cool down. I had a little trouble locking in on my pace (marathon goal pace is ~11:30 per mile).

I felt good during this run, and my hip felt good as well. Hopefully whatever was going on with it is in the past now.

Thursday – Ab circuit; 25 min. stationary bike
I had planned on doing a Jillian DVD workout, but I really didn’t feel like doing anything. Instead I opted to get my weekly ab circuit in and then tacked on a short bike for good measure.

Friday – 5 miles easy
I felt really good on this run. My legs felt fresh and springy and my hip felt pretty good. I hadn’t been to this park in a little while, so that made it fun, too.

It was 86 degrees outside, but surprisingly I felt comfortable on this run. Granted, it was mostly cloudy, but it looks like I may have adjusted to the heat of summer just in time for fall. Hah!

Saturday – 20 mile long run
I wanted to do at least one long run on pavement and in the road shoes I plan to run my virtual race in. So I headed up to Blacksburg to run on the Huckleberry Trail – my old college stomping grounds.

It was sunny and around 75 degrees at the start (I slept in 🙂 ) but the dew point was low so it didn’t feel that bad. My route took me by Lane Stadium on the Virginia Tech campus. It made me sad to see the stadium – I sure will miss that place this fall. Stupid Covid.

My hip hurt a little at the beginning of my run, but then it went away. My joints definitely felt the effects of running for over 4 hours on pavement, though! It’s been awhile since I did that. During the last hour or so of my run, I couldn’t stop day dreaming about a bowl of Honey Nut Chex cereal with ice cold milk. I’m happy to report I did fulfill my dream when I got home!

Sunday – 5 miles easy
It was 57 degrees at the start of my run. I admit, I felt chilly, but it felt glorious! I’m so excited fall is on the horizon.

Total miles: 44 miles
August total miles: 156 miles
Weeks to MCM: 6 (halfway!!)

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