Virtual MCM Training – Week 2

I am training for the Marine Corps Marathon, which will be held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My race day will be on October 18. Here’s how week two of training went…

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4 miles easy
Enjoyed some time on the trails in slightly cooler weather.

Wednesday – 4.5 mile workout
It started storming right when I got to the park after work. There was a bunch of lightning and I didn’t feel like waiting 20-30 minutes to start my run.

Instead, I headed home and did this run on the treadmill. My workout included: 1 mile warm up, 5 x 4 minutes at 10:30 pace, and a 1 mile cool down. Call me crazy, but I look forward to these workouts each week.

Thursday – Ab circuit; 25 min. stationary bike
I was really tired and tempted to skip my cross training. But one of my goals is to do my ab circuit at least once per week. I’m proud that I stuck to the plan and got this done.

Friday – 4 miles easy
Lately, it seems like there’s a thunderstorm every afternoon and today was no different. Luckily, I got off of work early and was able to hit the trails before the storm.

Saturday – 15 mile long run
Overall, nothing was wrong with this run. The temperature was cooler than it’s been – low 70’s at the start and low 80’s by the end. But I just wasn’t really feeling it until mile 11 when I finally found a groove. That took awhile! It do be like that sometimes.

Like last week, during the last 90 minutes I did 1 minute pick-ups between 10K and marathon pace every 10 minutes. It feels good be plugging along and then flip the switch for a minute and pick up the pace.

I can’t wait to get a haircut in two weeks!

Sunday – 5 miles easy

Total miles: 32.5 miles
Weeks to MCM: 10

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