Life With Bloodhounds

As you may or may not know, I share my life with two humongous, messy, lovable hounds – Hank and Scout.

Life with these hounds is always entertaining, hilarious, and sometimes unpredictable. But there are certain unique aspects to owning a bloodhound. You know you’re sharing your life with bloodhounds when…

  1. Your routine house chores include cleaning slobber off of the walls and ceiling.
  2. People know you as “the owner of the bloodhounds.” They also know your dogs’ names, but not yours.
  3. You can literally play hide and seek – bloodhounds are known for their excellent noses and they can track anything!
  4. You fall asleep with a pillow on your head because at least one of them is snoring so loud… on the other side of the house!
  5. People often tell you they’ve only ever seen your breed of dog on TV and that they had no idea they got that big.
  6. You have a king size bed, but sleep on the edge with no covers because you’re sharing with 240 pounds of dog.
  7. You know that the size above XL for anything dog-related is called “Giant.”
  8. Despite their mess, and their stubbornness, and their smell, they are one of the best parts of your life. They are lovable giants with the biggest hearts and sweetest personalities.

(And okay… I’m a little biased.)

4 thoughts on “Life With Bloodhounds”

  1. Aha, the Bumpus hounds! Da-da-da-da-da-daah! Our hillbilly neighbors, the Bumpuses had over 785 smelly hound dogs, and they ignored every other human being on earth except my old man!

    Those Dogs!


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