The Google Machine

My Nana, who does not use computers, refers to any computer as ‘the Internet box’. Furthermore, she refers to searching for anything on the Internet as using ‘the Google machine’. I always think it’s funny to look at the top search terms that led folks to my blog. Here are the top 10 terms from the past year that people have plugged into the Google machine while using their Internet box:

  1. Varmint Half Marathon – Yes, I’ve run that with my husband a few times. Last year, I volunteered instead of running the race. I got to hand out medals at the finish line which was basically my dream volunteer job.
  2. How do chickens sleep – Like this:
  3. Hokie Half Marathon 2015 – My little sister and I ran this race together and I had an absolute blast sharing the experience with her as she conquered her FIRST half marathon! She even wrote a guest post to recap her day!
  4. Turkey Runner – Well that is the name of my blog, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess they were probably looking for a Turkish runner and not me.
  5. Working Bloodhounds trailing line – I’m guessing they were searching for information about what line/leash to use while trailing? The answer: a long one. While we are on the topic, it’s been awhile since we went to a search & rescue training. Unfortunately, it just became too long of a drive and many of the trainings have conflicted with our schedule.
  6. Green walnut tree that looks like tennis ball – I do not know how you ended up here. Sorry.
  7. Hanson marathon training review – I loved Hanson marathon training and I wrote a review on it afterward.
  8. Where should roosting pole go in chicken coop – Somewhere elevated, because chickens have a natural instinct to roost high for safety while they sleep. If you don’t make your roosting poles highest, they will roost on whatever is highest. It’s especially important to make sure the nesting boxes (where they lay eggs) are lower than the roosting poles so they don’t sleep in them. Lastly, the roof on the nesting boxes should be sloped so they won’t sleep on top of them.

    Nesting boxes
  9. What to talk about while running with a friend – In my experience a run with a friend is a chance to talk about anything and everything except… running. When you get together for anything other than running then the only thing you talk about is running. #logic
  10. Do chickens sleep – Yes. See item 2.

A pretty interesting mix of search terms this go around. Hopefully some of these folks did, in fact, find what they were looking for. But I fear some did not (I’m looking at you #6).

If you have a blog, do you ever look at the search term stats?

5 thoughts on “The Google Machine”

  1. Random thoughts in the search bar produce some interesting answers. Gotta love the Google Machine!


  2. I only occasionally look at the search terms. Having a free wordpress site the analytics aren’t that great. Plus I’m just usually too busy actually writing & reading blogs.

    We do often talk about running while running! We talk about other stuff too, of course, you can cover a lot of “ground”, so to speak, while running 10 miles.

    I love learning about chickens!

  3. My google machine search terms aren’t nearly as interesting as yours! LOL! Funny, my dad always signs his texts “dad”. As if we don’t know who they’re from. I find it kind of cute. And hey, he’s 76 and he’s texting! He’s even gotten into bitmojis.

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