Not A Morning Person

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Deb Runs

Running gives me energy, which I’ve always thought was an odd phenomenon. I also all get my energy from sleep as my body recharges for the next day.

I like my sleep. I am not a morning person. I loathe getting up early. Or really, I loathe getting up at a time that requires me to use an alarm clock. Yet I chose a sport that often requires me to be up earlier on the weekends than during the work week. What?

Weekend alarm vs. work week alarm

When my alarm harshly pulls me out of my peaceful sleep, I’m quick to hit the snooze. I don’t like climbing out of my comfortable bed. I don’t want to come out from under my warm covers. But here’s the thing. Once I’m up, I kind of like it. The world is dark and quiet and I like that feeling of seeming to be the only one awake. The only one that can’t stop.

I don’t like being woken up early. But I do like being up early once I’m out of bed. Maybe that does make me a morning person after all.

Are you a morning person?

18 thoughts on “Not A Morning Person”

  1. As much as I like sleep, I like waking up early and getting on with my day. Traffic is lighter, stores aren’t as crowded and I love to see non-morning people wandering around in a fog.


  2. I’m a morning person. I’ve been getting up at 4 for a long time, especially with the kids. You can get so much done (like running and drinking a cup of coffee uninterrupted!!) before everyone gets up!

    1. The time difference definitely works in your favor for Big Sur! It will (hopefully) feel normal to you as long as you stay on your normal time zone and go to bed accordingly.

  3. I love morning! That first sip of coffee, and particularly getting outside and seeing the stars! And some mornings it feels like the sunrise is just for me. I put a peppy song in for my alarm, too — peppy enough that I have to get up and turn it off before it wakes the house. Gets me out of bed smiling. (guilty pleasure wake up song right here:

    1. That’s funny that you have a peppy song for your alarm that you have to hurry to cut off before it wakes the whole house! I don’t think my husband would like if I did something like that, due to my snooze-tendencies.

      Love that wake up song, though! I think I would leap out of bed so I could dance πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve gotten so used to waking up early, sometimes I’m even awake before my alarm goes off at 4:39. I really enjoy my morning me time.

    1. Nice! I have some days where I naturally wake up before my alarm and I try and go with it and get up – but sometimes I go back to sleep until I have to be up πŸ™‚

  5. I am definitely an early bird. I get to work early because it’s nice to leave at the very beginning of rush hour, and I can get home with time to do a solid workout, then relax before cooking dinner. It does mean I go to bed early, but I like the extra me time in the afternoon.

  6. I love to run in those early morning hours, but if I am not running I am snooze button queen lol I got really use to sleeping in while my foot hurt, that 4:45 is a little hard to take right now lol

    1. I bet that 4:45 is feeling pretty harsh right now!

      I know hitting that snooze button is not good for us and it actually leads to feeling more tired during the day because it messed with your sleep cycle. But boy does it feel good to sneak in a few extra minutes in the morning.

  7. I am totally a morning person. I love having my run done by 6am most days, and feeling like I’m ready to conquer the world.

    1. It’s a great feeling to get in an early run and then take on the day! I just can’t seem to remember that when my alarm clock is jarring me awake πŸ˜‰

  8. Is that why you don’t go to sleep at Ragnar? So you won’t have to get up early? πŸ˜€

    I love the feeling of getting up early and being the only one awake. I don’t mind the ‘getting up early’ part anymore, but I used to hate it.

    Thanks for linking up!

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