Be Gracious

Another Wednesday means another Wednesday Word link up, hosted by my friend Debbie. Each week Debbie provides us with a word prompt to write about. I really enjoy the different topics that people write about, all from one individual word. Be sure to click on the button below to join in and see who else is linking up!

Deb Runs

Today’s word is gracious. Gracious traditionally means being polite, kind, and giving. I’m going to keep things fairly short and sweet today with a little PSA.

Be thankful and polite to those that support you – running can be an incredibly selfish sport. We take time away from our families and friends to train for weeks and weeks. Then, when race day arrives, the entire weekend is often all about us. Those that support us eat when and where we want and put up with our pre-race crazies. Then they get up at some ungodly hour on a weekend morning just to stand in one spot, possibly for hours, to see us for maybe 30 seconds. They make signs to make us laugh, take our picture, and are often our biggest cheerleaders. When the race is done they suffer through play-by-plays of the days events and again eat where and when we want without complaint. We all appreciate our supporters, but it is important to make sure they know it.

MCM official pic1

Some races are smaller or more remote and don’t really have spectators. But all races have volunteers and races wouldn’t happen without them. Always be polite to the volunteers. Thank them for being there and for their time – they choose to be out there. I don’t care how bad your day is going, there is never any reason to be rude or disrespectful to a volunteer, or anyone, at a race. Never forget to be kind and gracious no matter what.

Oh and when you see the small, outstretched hand of a child along a race course give them a high five. You just may be planting a seed that will grow into a lifelong love of running. 🙂

What does being gracious mean to you?
Who are your biggest supporters?
Have you ever volunteered at a race or other event?

P.S. In the spirit of graciousness, I am also very grateful that we finally spring forward this weekend!!

6 thoughts on “Be Gracious”

  1. So true!!

    My biggest supporter are my family and I have a run support girlfriend who is my on course water girl and photographer 😉

    Gracious to me is smiling and speaking to everyone…you never know how that smile and conversation can make someones day!

    I volunteer at my local runner’s club low key races.

  2. When one of my friends did an Ironman last summer, he remarked afterwards how supportive his family had been. I think that your take on “gracious” is spot on.

    And gracious, I am ready for some spring weather!

  3. Oh yes, I often think about how running is (in some ways) so very selfish. And yet . . . we are better people for it, and often kinder to the ones we love because of it, too.

    I have done quite a bit of volunteering in the past, but I’ve yet to volunteer at a race. I know, talk about selfish!

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