They said that this winter would be colder and snowier than usual. The ‘they’ I’m referring to is not the meteorologists, who are often wrong. ‘They’ refers to the groups of old men I often see that hang out and talk in country stores. And they are usually right.


We had some pretty cold weather in October and November. Around that time, I predicted (with some insight from said groups of old men) that it would probably stay warmer through December and most of January. After that we would get the colder temperatures and snow storms starting in February through April or so.

I was fairly close, although our first big snow actually came towards the end of January. We have had lots of fluctuations with unseasonably warm days that snap back to freezing temperatures the next week so fast you get whiplash. Case in point: we got a couple inches of snow last night but are expecting high’s in the upper 60’s and low 70’s next week. Can we just move on to the next season already?


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate winter. I like snow when we get a lot of it and I don’t have to go anywhere, or when there’s a little of it and I can go run in it. However, I do not like snow when it impacts my plans or my training. And I definitely do not like bitter cold temperatures with freezing wind chills. All of that moaning and groaning, and it doesn’t even get that cold here, relatively speaking. But y’all, I am ready for spring.

The official first day of spring is only 15 days away. Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring, although I think he had some help with that. Irregardless, I say we just start spring tomorrow. What say you?

How has your winter season been so far?
What is your favorite season?

5 thoughts on “Winter??”

  1. Our winter has seen less snow than normal, and I think it’s been warmer than average as well. But…it’s still been plenty cold for everyone to forget about that! I’m totally ready for spring, although fall is my favorite season.

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