TNF ECS 50K Training – Week 9

Here is a recap of last week’s training for my first ultramarathon this April. This recap is part of the Weekly Wrap link up, which is hosted by MissSippiPiddlin’ and HoHo Runs.


Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 5 mile easy run. Barry joined me for this evening run and we hit up the trails at a nearby park. It was a nice evening, although it did get dark during our final mile. I’m glad I had him with me as we ran through the woods sans headlamps!


It was a muddy day out there and some of the grassy sections were so soft it was like running on snow or soft sand. My legs felt like they were still recovering a bit from Saturday’s long run.

Wednesday – Cross training: 10 minutes of abs, then 8 minutes alternating between planks and push-ups.

Thursday – 4 mile easy run on the treadmill. I had a long day at work, it was dark when I got home and I was feeling tired. But I hopped on the treadmill and all of that melted away. This was just an easy run, but it was one of those days you live for where running feels effortless. Exactly how the first 8.5 miles of last weeks combo 20 miler/10 mile race went. If only the whole thing had been that way.

Friday – 5 mile trail run in the evening. I did a different type of hill workout during this run. Instead of doing some sort of repeats, I focused on running strong up the hills and then used the flats and downhills as recovery. It was good, but I think I like repeats better. 🙂


Saturday – 8 mile run with Kim in the morning. It was a nice, crisp morning with temperatures around 32 degrees and little to no wind. Great morning for a run! I was feeling pretty rough for the first 4 miles, and I was glad to be running with Kim. I could focus on our conversation and forget about how tired I felt. After the first half of the run, I finally perked up some.


Sunday – 14 mile trail run at the state park. This was a tough one for me, as many of my long runs have been lately. My legs don’t necessarily feel tired, but it’s more like a full body, lack of energy-type fatigue. I know a big problem lies in my nutrition, and on Saturday I definitely did not set myself up for success for this long run. I had breakfast around 11:30 AM after Kim and I ran, and then did not eat again until dinner at 9 PM because Barry and I were busy doing errands all day. I also barely drank any water all day.


I decided to try a slightly different approach to this run, one I expect to use during my race in April. I walked nearly all of the hills right from the start of this run, and then ran on the flats, small hills, and downhills. I had hoped this would have me finishing the run feeling tired, but not completely wasted. Unfortunately, it was just another tough day out there so I don’t know that it made a huge difference. It was a gorgeous day, though, with temperatures in the low 60’s.


During this run I also got to run on two trails I hadn’t been on in a long time. They have been closed the past two months or so for trail maintenance, and it was nice to get to incorporate them into my run. The park isn’t very big, so for a 14 mile run I basically ran every trail twice and one of the trails four times. On one particular trail, it was like running through a disaster area. Between the recent trail maintenance and the high winds we had earlier in the week, there were downed trees, branches, and sticks everywhere.



I saw a guy riding a unicycle on the trails while I was running, which was pretty neat. That’s actually something I know how to do, although I’ve never ridden one on trails before. If it came down to a bicycle or a unicycle, though, I would sooner try the unicycle on trails than a bike.


After I hit mile 11 I was back and my car and I strongly considered ending the run there. But I told myself to suck it up and finish the final three miles, and then I got it done. Tough day out there, but hopefully things are going to get better.

Total Miles: 36 miles

I am definitely having a major issue with nutrition right now. I’ve got a fairly good handle on fueling while running, but I realized over the weekend that I am not eating nearly enough during the day to support my training. On average, I’m consuming about 1,600 to 2,000 calories daily, and the upper limit of that range is very generous. I think this and inconsistent sleep are both big reasons why the past couple weeks of training have been so rocky for me. This week, I’m going to work on making sure I’m eating regularly (I’m really bad about this on work days) and including more healthy snacks to hopefully help boost my energy. Nutrition is such a puzzle to me, but I hope that this will help.

What ‘hidden’ talents do you have? I can ride a unicycle, juggle, and wiggle my ears. I also sound just like Adele when I belt it in my car while driving by myself 😉
Since today is Feb. 29, do you know anyone with a leap year birthday?
I had one friend growing up who had that lucky Feb. 29 birthday
Tell me your favorite mantra for when the going gets tough.

9 thoughts on “TNF ECS 50K Training – Week 9”

  1. Finishing 14 seems pretty good to me after a busy Saturday. Not sure about that unicycle/trail riding. Saw a couple of guys doing it when I was on a mountain bike trail. Looks like a lot of bumps and bruises to me.

    When the going gets tough, be tougher.


  2. That’s pretty wild about a unicycle. I’ve never tried one. I did see one on the towpath trail the other day. You captured some great photos of your trail running. Looks beautiful.

  3. I think healthy snacks would be good to have. Grab and go if you’re going to be busy after your run. It was a learning experience when I tried to figure out how many calories I needed when training for my first half.

  4. How about adding some protein bars as a snack since they have a good amount of calories and aren’t too hard to get down. I also love smoothies and after super long runs, I have been known to add ice cream. I am one of those freaky runners who loses weight during marathon training.

  5. Please take care of yourself! Nutrition is a huge factor, especially when you’re running such high mileage.

    I always default to Philippians 4:13 or just “you are strong, you are strong, you are strong” over and over again.

  6. For some reason, I do better with water intake during the week. Then on the weekends, I just forget — but that is when I put in the most miles and need it. I eat a little something (or a big something) every 3 hours. I would feel sick if I went all day without food. How odd that someone was riding a unicycle on the trails. But I’m very impressed you have that skill! “Make It Count” is one of my mantras. Thanks for linking with us Meagan.

  7. Now I’m just the opposite of you in the food I gained during marathon training I was just hungry all the time and of course with the biggest part of my training during Thanksgiving and Christmas, it sure didn’t help my ummm hips! Trying to loose it gets harder everytime! Great job on your 14 miler! What it’s just over a month before your big race right? Thanks Meagan for linking up with us!

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