For the Trail

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Deb Runs

This week’s word is heart and I decided to share with you something I wrote from the heart. My love for trail running has grown over the past couple of years, and I decided to write about it in a way I don’t normally do. I’m not much of a poet, but I’ve been working on a sort of ode to trails, written in haiku. Anne inspired me 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

Ditch the asphalt road
And embrace the challenges
Found on a dirt trail.

While out on your run
Go for as long as you like
Fast or slow as wished.

But don’t be surprised
If you find yourself wanting
To explore further.

It can be quite the
Exhilarating feeling
Running down the trail.

If you lose focus
Future stories will tell of
Cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

Trail running can be
Grounding, quite literally
If you’re not careful.

Feel like a child
As you splash through mud puddles
Pure, honest running.

With your heart pumping
You catch a glimpse of that view
And feel more alive.

The mountains teach us
To notice the little things
That make life special.

You realize it’s not
So much about the miles,
but time in nature.

Driving home, post-run
Feeling tired but happy
At peace with the world.


Final words before
I head out for my run are
Happy trails to you.

Do you enjoy running/hiking/biking on trails?
Where does your heart lie?
Although I love our annual beach vacation, my heart will always belong to the mountains.

14 thoughts on “For the Trail”

  1. Oh no, absolutely a beach person. And sadly I rarely get there; we’ve never lived near one.

    That was lovely! I’m not much of a trail person, but I did run some last week. And yes, went longer but that was because I got lost.

    I enjoy walking trails, but running them can be a bit scary! There aren’t many that close to me either — plenty a good drive away, but I still have Lola and she’s a little dog, so while I can be out much longer these days, I’m still limited to 3-4 hours.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll get back to those trails, since they’re close to home. Although we might finally get some snow next week. I would love to be snow free longer so I could do more exploring!

    1. That can happen on trails! I’ve gotten lost before, too, and it’s not a great feeling. That’s also why I always carry more water than I think I’ll need, just in case!

  2. My heart is in the mountains! Especially the Rockies. We went there on our honeymoon, and I feel like I left a small piece of myself behind. Some day I’ll go back to get it!

  3. What a beautiful poem. “The mountains teach us, To notice the little things, That make life special.” That’s my favorite phrase! Can I like both? I’m happy to be outside most of the time no matter where it is.

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