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Deb Runs

Today’s word is renewal, which definitely fits in with the beginning of a new year. The start of a new year can definitely feel like a fresh start. It makes me feel like I can put the previous year behind me, and begin again with a clean slate. However, I do not think that flipping the calendar suddenly makes me a new person. Just because it’s January 1 doesn’t mean everything in your past that made you you suddenly goes away.

hemingway quote


But if you embrace that fact, that’s when you truly can become successful with your resolutions. Instead of simply making a resolution and willing it to happen, you have to make goals and have a plan for how change will happen. There’s no magic in flipping the calendar, but it can certainly give you the feeling of a fresh start, a renewed chance to accomplish big things. Why not use that to fuel the fire for your goals and ambitions?

How do you feel about the beginning of a new year?

16 thoughts on “Renewal”

  1. It’s funny, renewal. I just had to renew my license, thankfully I could do it online. It means I’ve been in Dallas almost 7 years, which is crazy.

  2. I’ve never liked making resolutions. You are right — just because you flip a page doesn’t change you. I do like a clean calendar though. My 2016 will not officially start until after this marathon. I can’t make plans or set any goals until I see how all of this craziness plays out.

  3. I definitely agree that turning the calendar doesn’t mean we should be able to make our lives suddenly so much better, but based on how crowded gyms get in January, a lot of people do.

    Thanks for linking up!

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