Uninvited Guests in the Chicken Coop

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post about our chickens! That’s primarily because there hasn’t been much to write about. They’ve been busy being chickens… laying eggs, occasionally sunbathing, scratching at the ground looking for bugs and worms, and roosting at night. If you’re new around here you can find an entire list of my past chicken-related posts, which span from when they were just 6 days old to the present, by clicking on the Chick Days tab at the top.


I recently noticed we had a few unwelcome guests in our chicken coop: sparrows. Your initial reaction may be to wonder why it’s a problem to have a couple of wild birds flying in and out of the coop. Seems relatively harmless, right? But unfortunately there are two big issues.

For one, the wild birds expose our flock to illness and disease. This is especially important this year with the avian flu. There haven’t been any cases in our immediate area, but our birds being exposed to wild birds (and their droppings) greatly increases that risk.


Two, those sparrows will plow through our chicken feed. I definitely felt like I was having to refill it more often after noticing the sparrows. So the time came to evict them. But how?

Initially I thought I would just keep the coop door closed for a few days to ward them off. But it was very likely they would come back as soon as I opened the doors. Plus I would have some very cranky chickens on my hands in the meantime. Then I found this article that suggested hanging CD’s with baler twine inside the coop to deter the sparrows. Luckily, I had extra of both laying around.


Inside the coop
Inside the coop

I’m happy to report it worked like a charm and we successfully evicted the sparrows! They flew away as soon as I went out to hang the CD’s and they haven’t come back since. As for the chickens? They’re not fazed at all by the CD’s and don’t really pay them any attention.

Side story that has nothing to do with the chickens: After I finished hanging CD’s in the coop and chicken run area, I discovered that Hank and Scout, our bloodhounds, were planning an escape from the backyard.


I was able to thwart their attempts, by putting up a spare piece of cattle panel we had left over from Annabelle‘s pen.


I’m not sure why they would want to escape anyway, since they lead such cushy lives at home. But I also don’t need another barbed wire incident.

11 thoughts on “Uninvited Guests in the Chicken Coop”

  1. I have a huge soft spot for chickens. I had them as pets growing up and have always wanted them again…but I live in the city and care for feral cats, so no chickens for me right now. I do sponsor one at Farm Sanctuary in New York though. Interesting to hear that sparrows can be harmful and that you found a humane and effective way to keep them away. As for the planned great escape, my dog is a differ and he would just loooooove to dig in that dirt! Good thing you caught it in time!

  2. Naughty Hank & Scout! Who do you think was the ringleader there? I too always wonder why our dog goes for an escape given the cushy life she leads here!

    Glad you got the sparrows out. How is your chicken that was injured for awhile? Has she been fully re-accepted into the flock?

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