Weekly Workout Recap – Nov. 23 – 29

I cannot believe it is already the final day of November. Where has this month gone? Last week’s Thanksgiving holiday was enjoyable, and I was still able to stick to my training plan. This past week was week two of base training. I’m linking up today with MissSippiPiddlin’ and HoHo Runs to recap last week’s workouts as part of the Weekly Wrap.


Like last week, I stuck primarily to morning workouts (at least at the beginning of the week) since I am not motivated to workout in the evening, since it’s dark when I get home from work. Not to mention I had plenty of other things to do this past week in the evening to get ready for Thanksgiving!

Monday – 3 mile easy run with ‘Sven’ (aka on the treadmill)

Tuesday – Cross training: 30 Day Shred, level 1. Once I get to the point of being able to do 20 real push ups in a row without any trouble, I know it’s time to move on to level 2. After this workout I knew I was ready to move on to level 2.

Wednesday – 4 mile hill run in the afternoon on the Dora Trail. I worked in the morning, but waited until the afternoon to run since I was only working a half day and wanted to run outside. My dad and sister had gotten to our house Tuesday night, and we all headed over to the trail together. I did my 4 mile run with 4 1/2 hill repeats while Barry did his own run and Dad and Rachael walked.


Thursday – Drumstick Dash 5K on Thanksgiving morning. This was technically a cross training day for me, and I walked the 5K with my dad and sister. We finished right around 52 minutes.



Friday – Rest day. This was already a scheduled rest day, and everyone was feeling lazy after a busy day on Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day, though, and we did get out a bit in the afternoon. Our outing included a trip up the mountains behind our house and then we did go to a couple stores in town.


Saturday – 3 mile run. I met up with Kim in the morning at a nearby park. It felt good to get out in the crisp morning air and run a few miles. My dad and sister came along, too, and walked while we ran. Barry started his run from the house and met us over at the park. So by the end we had the whole group together!


In the afternoon we cheered on Virginia Tech as we took on UVA, our in-state rival, for the Commonwealth Cup. It wasn’t pretty, but we pulled off a win in the end. I’m happy we could give Beamer one more regular season win, and now we are bowl eligible!

Sunday – 6 mile trail run in the afternoon at the state park. I felt just okay during this run, but got it done all the same. It was 61 degrees outside so I ran in shorts and a t-shirt, which felt very odd for late November.


About 4 miles into my run I saw this young buck. He pondered me for a moment or two before running off through the pines.


Last week I did a 5 mile trail run here, and had to guesstimate the mileage since I forgot my Garmin. This week I ran the same loop to see how close I got to 5, and found that I ran about 5.1 miles. Sweet. I ran an extra loop on a trail to round out to 6 for the day.

Total Miles: 16 miles

How was your Thanksgiving (if you’re in the US)?
Who else raced this past week/weekend?

17 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap – Nov. 23 – 29”

  1. My Thanksgiving was fun. Friendsgiving is better, but I was kept up to date on family drama :-/ I don’t travel because it’s such a hassle, and I can enjoy Thanksgiving with friends.

  2. Oh yeah, I was definitely tired Friday. It was a beautiful day, though, so I insisted we bring the dogs to the park & in the morning before it got to hot for Chester.

    Apparently it already was because he didn’t want to walk & I ended up carrying him around. Lucky for him that he’s a small dog. He’s happier now that we have more seasonably cold weather, but he seemed to enjoy soaking up the rays while being carried, too.

    1. I’m glad y’all were able to get outside. I’m sure Chester enjoyed it, maybe even more so since he got to be carried around like a king 🙂

  3. We had a nice Thanksgiving at my in-laws. I had to miss one of my favorite local races. It’s based on our state college football rivalry game. All of those games were great this weekend! We came away with a win too. I’m very impressed you can do 20 real push ups! I doubt my elbow would get me past one or two. I appreciate you linking with us, Meagan and hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. Yea, coyotes wouldn’t be my favorite either. I find them kind of spooky. We don’t often see them, but we do often hear them “singing” at night in the mountains behind our house.

  4. Looks like a great week of running! That’s a nice picture you captured of the buck. We went to my parents for lunch on Thanksgiving day. I didn’t do a Turkey Trot, but Mom and I ran a 5k on Saturday with Ainsley’s Angels. It was so much fun running with our assisted athlete, Kylie.

    1. Ainsley’s Angels is such a great group. I bet it was a lot of fun, and really neat, running with your assisted athlete!! Good for you guys.

  5. Oh my goodness 20 push ups in a row? I do really good to get in about 5 without loosing form. But it is something I want to be able to do. This week has been a crap shoot with my strength training. The holiday and travel had me missing several sessions, but I’ll be back at it next week. Glad to see you had a great week of running and a good Thanksgiving.
    Thanks for linking up with us, appreciate you!

    1. I grew up as a competitive swimmer, so I used to rely totally on my upper body strength. I’m nowhere near as strong as I was when I was swimming, but I think that upper body stuff comes back to me because of the swimming.

      It doesn’t sound like you’re sweating it, but I never sweat it when I have an off week, workout-wise, due to holidays and/or travel. It’s just one week! I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

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