Take A Hike

Did you hear about REI’s announcement earlier this week that they will not be open on Black Friday this year? Futhermore, they are going to give their employees a paid day off.

“Black Friday is the perfect time to remind ourselves of the essential truth that life is richer, more connected and complete when you choose to spend it outside” -Jerry Stritzke, CEO

In a world where it is becoming common for stores to begin their Black Friday madness on Thanksgiving Day, I find this very refreshing. They’re certainly sending a message, although I highly doubt other retailers will follow suit. In a lot of cases, I don’t think Black Friday is necessarily as big of a deal as it used to be. Especially with companies holding sales throughout the holiday season, and the whole online aspect. But I love the idea of a company shifting the focus from holiday madness to a little time spent outside.


I’m not a ‘Black Friday’ shopper, and I probably never will be. But I definitely love the outdoors and I think I’ll make a point to get outside the Friday following Thanksgiving.

What do you think of REI’s announcement?
Do you go shopping on Black Friday?

8 thoughts on “Take A Hike”

  1. I believe studies have shown that most folks out shopping on black Friday are buying stuff for themselves.

    Go take a walk. Probably need it after the feast.


    1. Very true! Ironically, I think we have often gone on a hike or walk the day after Thanksgiving in the past. We’ll have to do the same this year!

  2. I think it’s great of REI to close & give the day off to their employees paid. Kudos to them! I’ve only gone Black Friday shopping twice, and it was to our very small town Walmart at midnight when we were in and out in a few minutes. I’m definitely not going on Thansgiving like a lot of stores seem to be encouraging now. I prefer to spend Black Friday setting up all of my Christmas decorations, our tree, and listening to Christmas music!

    1. I can’t see how anyone can enjoy Thanksgiving, knowing they have to head out to stand in line at a store. Plus I hate that the demand for an earlier Black Friday has led to so many having to work retail on Thanksgiving when they should be able to spend that time with family.

      Your Black Friday tradition sounds fun to me!

  3. I’ll run if I’m feeling good on Black Friday, but I always take that as a me day. I used to have to work the day afternoon Thanksgiving and I appreciate having the day off.

  4. Having worked in retail management for several years, years ago, I will NEVER shop on Black Friday. I usually spend the day decorating for Christmas, but perhaps this year I will go out and take a walk!

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