For The Love Of The Trails

Now that fall is here, I am looking forward to getting back out on the trails more.


“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” -Melchor Lim

Last fall and winter, I put more of a focus on trail running in preparation for the spring trail series that I ran earlier this year. I don’t have plans to run that series again at this point, but I do have some reasons to once again put more of a focus on trails these next few months.

For the third time, I will be joining Debbie and her awesome group for a Ragnar relay. And for the second time, it will be a trail relay! This time the relay will be in late April in Richmond. Why am I already starting to think about training on trails for this event? Because this time I have somehow been convinced to run the relay on an ultra team. (Okay, basically Debbie suggested it and I immediately agreed. There was no real convincing involved.)


This means that the team will be made up of four people, instead of eight, covering the same distance. I’m not even exactly sure what the logistics are for such a thing. But I know that I am both scared and excited to take on this challenge! Also, fingers crossed it doesn’t rain like last time.

What are you looking forward to this winter?
Do you have any big goals/plans for 2016 yet?

15 thoughts on “For The Love Of The Trails”

  1. Looking forward to a warmer winter with less snow. As much as I detest rain, it doesn’t screw thins up as much as a snow storm.


  2. An ultra? You go girl!

    I have already registered for my second marathon in May, so I will be spending most of the winter and early spring prepping for that. Probably 90% on the treadmill, but I’m crossing my fingers for a mild winter!

    1. Well, an ultra relay 😉 I’ll be doing more then 30-ish miles within 24 hours, but not all at one time. So I’m not sure it technically counts. Still, it will be a big challenge for me!

      What marathon did you decide on for May?? This will be my first time training for a big event through the winter (I’ve chosen fall marathons in the past so I wouldn’t have to train through winter), and I’m hoping I don’t end up on the treadmill too much.

  3. I LOVE trails!! I’m not looking forward to winter per say but I am looking forward to some much needed RnR!! After my races in NOV I’m all about some hot chocolate and getting fat! haha! As far as 2016 I’m hoping to smash all my shorter distances records like the 5k-10k Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Sounds like a great plan for winter and next year! I think we all need that mental break from time to time, so that when it’s time to train again we are ready to get back to it.

  4. That’s pretty exciting to be doing the trail Ragnar Relay! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of trails being in Richmond but that means it can’t be too hard compared to the trails you run the further you go west of VA. I’ve always wanted to do a relay. I think it would be a lot of fun. Don’t be scared! You’ll nail it! I would only be scared of running and taking a break while your team runs. I’m sure stiffness will set in!

    1. I’ve never run trails in Richmond, but I think they have a pretty good trail system along the James River. This event will be held at Pocahontas State Park. I had no idea they had enough trails for an event like this, but in looking online it looks like they do! Should be fun.

      I think the two hardest things about Ragnar are getting stiff between runs (like you said!) and the lack of sleep.

  5. It’s going to be so fun! We were talking on our run on Thursday morning, and Amanda told us that we have the option to run two legs back-to-back or rotate through like a regular team does. Lupe, Amanda, and I all voted to run two legs back-to-back so we can have longer rests in between. Even doing it this way, our longest run will only be eleven or so miles. What do you think?

    1. I vote for running two legs back to back, too. That would mean we each run a total of three times, like a traditional team, right? I would like that much better than running 6 times on shorter legs.

      I cast my vote for two legs back-to-back! 🙂

  6. I love trails more than road….always! Don’t get out on them enough as I run at 4:30 in the a.m. before work. I have been to the top of every peak surrounding my valley in and around Tucson (by foot) and have conquered Pikes Peak, two single Grand Canyon crossings and one double, along with multiple Catalina Island marathons/half marathons. Would love to do Canyon de Chelly one year but can’t get in the mileage currently. Once a trail runner, always a trail runner! Those pix you posted look SO inviting!

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