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I have a habit of catching on to TV shows late in the game. Usually, by the time I decide to start watching a show, it’s either several seasons in or it’s about to air its season finale.

In college, I did this with Lost (which follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious island). Barry and I started watching it while the last season was airing on TV. This was before Netflix and Hulu were popular, so ABC had all of the episodes from all of the seasons online. We would spend entire days binge watching this show. It also had the most disappointing series finale of any TV show I’ve ever watched. But that’s another post for another time (or never).


Last fall, it was The Walking Dead (about people surviving the zombie apocalypse). This show, at least, is still on. Before the start of season five, AMC aired the entire series up through season four. Barry and I recorded all of them and are now caught up with the show. The only problem with binge watching this one is that it gave us both funny dreams. Good thing we’re caught up with it, now, and only watch it one episode per week when it’s on.


And my newest obsession: Mad Men (a period drama about an advertising executive on Madison Ave. in NYC). This one takes the cake, as I managed to ignore the show’s existence until the week the series finale was going to air. Strangely enough, I didn’t know the series finale was airing in a week when I randomly decided to do a search on TV to see if there were any episodes I could record. As luck would have it, they were airing the entire series leading up to the series finale. Now we have 90 episodes of Mad Men on the DVR that we are slowly working through.


The show is really entertaining, but I live for the one liners. Being set in the 1960’s, a lot of them are demeaning towards women (i.e. The typewriter was built by a man, but don’t worry they made it easy enough for a woman to use; The women are brainstorming…. awww, I love it when they do that). This may anger some people, but I just take it lightly. It’s the way things used to be, there’s no changing that, and it makes for a funny aspect to the show.

Since we’re talking about TV, I also wanted to mention how much fun it was watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup in June and July. It was really exciting and even though I know it’s not possible, I wish it was going on all of the time. At least the World Cup was immediately followed by the Gold Cup!

FIFA Women's World Cup USA Champions

Now I am really excited for the Summer Olympics in Rio next year!

Do you have the same habits as me with TV shows?
Do you watch any of these shows?
Who else is excited for the Olympics next summer?

3 thoughts on “TV Shows”

  1. We have Netflix, so we tend to pick a show, watch a season, wait for the next season to come out, repeat. We’re just watching the most recent season of Walking Dead (4 I think?) that is available. But we don’t have cable, so I can’t watch the current season. Which is ok by me! It’s easier to watch it on my own time anyway.

  2. Oh, I’d forgotten about the Summer Olympics being back next summer! Thanks for the reminder. I love watching them!

    I watched a couple of episodes of Madmen and loved it, but never made it a habit. Perhaps it should go on my list of shows to binge watch!

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