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Fair Week

Last week was fair week in our neck of the woods. Barry and I had wanted to go for a full day during the week last week, but were unable to due to work schedules. Instead, we had to settle with catching it on the final day, which was last Saturday. Barry had to work during the day, so I caught up with Kim for a run. At 8:30 AM it was already nearing 80 degrees on top of the humidity. Woof.

Dora Trail Pulaski

Barry got home from work in the evening and although it hadn’t cooled off much, it was time to head to the fair! The first order of business was dinner and at the fair that means corn dogs! The picture is a little blurry…. I was hard pressed to get a picture before we started eating them. 😉

corn dogs fair food

After that we headed into the arena for the main event that evening: the rodeo.

rodeo bull riding

They keep it simple at this rodeo and just have the bull riding and some barrel racing. After the National Anthem and a prayer, things got started. They ended up only having two full rides (staying on for 8 seconds), but it was still pretty good entertainment.

rodeo bull riding

After the rodeo ended, we walked around for a bit and looked at everything else at the fair. They had a bunch of rides, but we didn’t go on any. We wandered over to the livestock area and ran into some friends who are our old neighbors. The livestock awards were going on and their daughter had shown a few sheep and a heifer earlier in the day. We hadn’t seen them for awhile and it was great to catch up! From there we wandered around some more and looked at all of the displays before indulging in some funnel cake right before we headed home.

funnel cake fair food

Sunday I spent most of the day recovering from staying up too late at the fair. I did my usual weekend stuff around the house and got in a short run. I also made some braided bread. It had been too long since I made some! I originally got the recipe from HRG.

braided bread

You know it’s a good weekend when you’re exhausted come Monday morning, which I was. Although I should mention I think I was pretty worn out all weekend from my 15 hour workday last Friday (4:45 AM to 8:15 PM, UGH!). Luckily I shouldn’t have one of those again until the end of August.

Do you have a local or state fair you go to? Our state fair isn’t until the end of September, but we usually don’t go (it’s about 4 hours away)
What is your favorite fair/festival food?

13 thoughts on “Fair Week”

  1. I love the fair! Sadly, we just have a rinky-dink county fair. The state fair in MN is huge though! It’s 4 hours away too, and usually crazy busy so I haven’t been yet.

    I love corndogs! Plus funnel cakes, chocolate dipped anything on a stick, and fresh squeezed lemonade. Yum!

    1. That’s too bad that your local fair isn’t a big deal. At least there’s the state fair, though! Hopefully we will both get to go to our respective state fairs someday 🙂

  2. I remember going to the local fair when I was in middle school and my aunt and uncle were volunteering at the community center’s booth. I went with them so I was there every day from start to finish. I must have eaten ten hamburgers those three days! I think I rode the swings 20+ times! I don’t think I’ve been to a fair since high school…

    1. Sounds like you really got your fill of fairs when you were younger. And it sounds like it’s time for you and Bill to hit up another fair, since it’s been since high school! Maybe there will be a neat one in the Chicago area y’all can check out while visiting. 🙂

  3. We have a fair, and it’s the highlight of my kids’ summer I think. I used to love it before I had kids–I could see the shows, have food, look at the animals…but now, my kids just want to do the rides and play the games, and I hate that so much. Yuck!!!

    1. I remember your post last year about all of the rides and games! At least they are getting a good lesson in budgeting their fair allowance 🙂

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