Go Out and Watch a Marathon

It’s Wednesday! What does that mean? Time for a Wednesday Word link up with Debbie from Deb Runs.

Deb Runs

This week’s word is: Inspirational.

I thought about sharing one of the many amazing running stories about tenacious individuals that many of us have heard before. That’s inspirational, right? Then I thought about sharing a personal story of overcoming adversity. Also inspirational, yes? And then I thought about how it makes me feel when I go out and watch an athletic event, or even watch one on TV. Especially a marathon.

People run marathons for all sorts of reasons. They run to qualify for Boston, they run to raise money for charity, they run to challenge themselves. Many are completing a feat they once thought impossible. Despite often running amidst thousands of other runners at a road race, each individual is facing a quiet, solitary triumph over the idea that they couldn’t conquer the distance.

If you stand on the sidelines and watch a marathon, you’ll see them. The runners clearly fighting an internal battle. But with every step they’re proving to themselves how much they can take. More than anyone, especially themselves, ever thought possible. You can stand at the finish line and join in the fellowship, as we all marvel at the accomplishment taking place. The marathon is the ‘holy grail’ of racing and it takes a certain amount of grit and determination to overcome. It’s also a celebration of the human spirit, and it makes us all feel a bit stronger.

What do you find inspirational?

16 thoughts on “Go Out and Watch a Marathon”

  1. I was able to volunteer with a group at the Richmond Marathon several years ago. You couldn’t be more right — every runner was inspirational, from the Kenyans who came flying through at the start, to the people struggling towards the end. I certainly hope to get more opportunity to do it.

    1. I can imagine! I got a little taste of that while spectating as Barry ran the Shamrock Marathon back in 2011. I want to volunteer at more races, too!

  2. Not a fan of watching a marathon on TV but I do enjoy following a race. When I crew for you I also see many of the same runners in and around your pace. While I don’t know why they are running, it is great to see folks accomplish their goals.


  3. Oh, you nailed it! Out there will literally tens of thousands of people, it is a very personal struggle and achievement. I hope to “overcome” my first in October!

  4. Don’t know if I can say it any better, great post. I also get overwhelmingly inspired by the close people who look on in awe of the accomplishment of those that are participating. Example is those good singers who try out for xfactor and such. The families stand in back just awe struck, it pulls at my heart.

    1. Same here! Crazy how we can even experience that on a TV show. For me, it’s on America’s Got Talent. Especially when it’s a parent watching their child.

  5. Hmm, marathons do inspire me, but for some reason I always get teary during the opening ceremony of the Olympics (doesn’t matter which). All of those athletes, so proud to represent their countries, etc.

    1. Same here! I love, love, love the Olympics. For one, I think it’s so cool to see people representing their countries that way. And two, I like the idea that we set other things aside and compete against each other just for the sake of sport and bringing honor to your country.

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