The Cascades

Five Things Friday

It’s been awhile since I did one of these!

1. I made a fruit pizza last weekend for the 4th of July. Last year, I made Barry one for our fourth wedding anniversary (because what else do you give your husband when the traditional gift is fruit and flowers??). This year, I made it more red, white, and blue by using raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. I still wanted to use mandarin oranges, though, so I threw those on there too.

fruit pizza

I should probably make this more than once a year, because it’s pretty yummy. On the other hand…. considering how much sugar is in that thing maybe it’s best I stick to just once a year.

2. My little sister has decided to run her first half marathon! That in itself is very exciting. What’s more exciting is that she is planning on running the Hokie Half Marathon.

From Spartan.

I am also running the race this year (I’m a ‘legacy runner’ – and this is the third year in a row), and we will be running together. The only race we’ve ever run together was the Spartan sprint race last year. Lets hope we don’t somehow end up that muddy at the Hokie Half!

3. I finally framed my Blue Ridge Marathon poster. I was so excited to get a race poster when I picked this one up at the expo.

Blue Ridge Marathon Poster

It took me two and a half months to fame the thing…. so logically, it will only take me another two and a half months to decide where to hang it!

4. I recently got new crocs. I wear crocs around as my indoor house shoes (aka slippers). I bought a new pair with the intention of them being my ‘camping crocs’ to wear in our camper.

crocsI started wearing them around to break them in and haven’t actually stopped wearing them. It turns out they’re really comfy and I didn’t realize how broken down the VT ones are. I’ve been wearing them since 2007 and I guess it’s time to replace those!

5. My 27th birthday is this weekend! My dad and his girlfriend are coming down to visit and we have tentative plans to go hiking (weather permitting) up to the Cascades.

The Cascades

We also have plans to go out to dinner somewhere. The place we were going to go is on ‘summer break’ from June 29 to July 15. That’s what happens when you live in the vicinity of a major university. A lot of the businesses tend to take breaks during university downtime. So I’ll have to choose something else!

Tell me some things of your own!

4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday”

  1. So awesome you and your sister will be running together. The cascades look amazing, you should shoot some video for all of us :)…at the very least take lots of pictures.

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