Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV

Ragnar Trail Appalachians – The Aftermath

When I last left off with my series of Ragnar recaps, Tammie and I had finished our final leg of the relay. It was kind of surreal knowing that it was all over, just like that. There were definitely times while out on the trails where I just wanted to be done. But then when I actually was, I was almost bummed. Running is funny that way.

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV
The iconic bridge.

The first thing I did when we finished was hose off and head back to my campsite. All I wanted in that moment was clean, dry clothes. It’s the simple things. Naturally, it poured again right after I changed into my dry clothes. But what else could I expect, with the way the weekend had gone? We started getting some packing done, and then I headed down to the pavilion area with Erin (runner 4 on our team, and one of my carpool buddies). Friday’s dinner was included as part of our Ragnar weekend, but Saturday’s lunch was not. I was starving, though, and I really wanted a hot meal and the turkey burger was delicious… until I got to a part of it that was pink on the inside – then I stopped eating.

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV

Erin and I met up with the rest of our teammates, who had also meandered down to the Village/transition area. Our final group of runners was out on their last loop – the 6.7 mile red loop. And wouldn’t you know it – then the sun came out! Go figure.

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV
Mother nature has a sick sense of humor…. and there’s a guy dressed like a cow (or a bull, I guess).

Our team planned to meet our final runners on the other side of the bridge and run across the bridge and finish line all together. Since we buddied up with the Western Loudon group the whole way, we had a big group waiting!

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV
The trail to the bridge.

It wasn’t long before they came around the corner. We all met up, and all 16 of us ran across the bridge. There was a lot of pink, and several green sparkly skirts and green hair flowers – standard MRTT uniform!

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV

And just like that it was all over, for us all! Our team captains collected our medals and handed them out. In keeping with the trail/camping theme, the medals double as a multiuse tool. They are also not TSA approved.

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV

After that it was time for pictures with the official Ragnar photographer. We got one with the Ashburn and MRTT teams together – only fitting after running together the whole weekend! Then each team got individual pictures as well.

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV

And then it was time to load up and head home. I can’t say we were sad to leave! It’s not that I didn’t have fun that weekend, because I did in some ways. We had a great group, and we partnered with an equally great group. The scenery was gorgeous (when I actually chanced it and took my eyes off of the trail). The weather conditions, while uncontrollable, could have been better. Had they been more ideal, it would have made for a completely different experience.

Ragnar Trail Appalachians Ragnar Relay Trails WV

Imagine running on new trails, maybe getting a bit muddy, and then relaxing with your teammates in a circle of camp chairs. Instead we were soaking wet and muddy, exhausted and sometimes cranky, and often huddled in our tents in an attempt to escape the weather. Will I go back to Big Bear Lake campground again? Nope. That being said, would I do another Ragnar Trail relay? Absolutely! In fact, they recently announced that they will be holding a trail event next spring at a state park in Richmond – in the central part of Virginia. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get to go on another trail adventure with my Ragnar teammates and newfound friends.

When was the last time you experienced the wrath sense of humor of Mother Nature?
Have you ever run a Ragnar relay, or similar event?

P.S. Having now run a Ragnar Road and Ragnar Trail relay, I am planning to do some sort of comparison post at some point. Let me know if you have any questions you want answered!

12 thoughts on “Ragnar Trail Appalachians – The Aftermath”

  1. Mother Nature reared her smarty pants sense of humor at my race on Saturday, too. Fortunately, we were on asphalt and not mud! It started sprinkling about a half mile into the race and just kept raining harder and harder. Mother Nature tried to dampened our post-race festivities, but we are hardy runners and wouldn’t let her!

    1. It was fun to finish as a group! We did that last fall at Ragnar DC, and it’s a good feeling to cross the finish line knowing that your whole team is done.

  2. Overall a great weekend, but I love all the mess that comes with trail running. I would have been as happy as a pig in mud lol. So cool you all finished together, definitely a great way to close out the run.

  3. Love all the whole-team pics! Fun! It’s amazing how much a difference a dry set of clothes makes. I can’t imagine your laundry when you got home. And ewwww on the burger! Are you super picky about food sanitation since that is kind of your line of work?

    1. I was doing loads of laundry throughout the week after that weekend! It took awhile to get everything washed. It was very muddy, but even worse – it smelled awful!

      I’m not necessarily super picky, but I definitely do not eat poultry that is still pink in the middle!

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