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Low-key, just the way I like it

My weekend got started on Friday afternoon when Barry and I went to a land auction. They were auctioning off 101 acres of county-owned land in nine tracts. The land is about a mile from our house, and would be good for Annabelle and potentially to build on in the future. We had our one tract for a little while, but once the big boys (two big farmers in the county) started playing the combination game, all of the people bidding on individual tracts were outbid. Bummer. It was funny, though. When we reached our max on our tract I was shaking my head no about going higher. The auctioneer told Barry to stop looking at me and keep bidding. Good try.

jersey heifer calf backyard calf
You’ll have to wait a little longer, Annabelle. (By the way, she’s nearly up to my shoulder now)

On Saturday morning I met up with Kim for a run. It was relatively cool outside, but very humid. Despite that, it was nice to catch up after not seeing each other for a few weeks!

dora trail pulaski

Just before we reached our turnaround, we saw a large turtle who we think was laying eggs, maybe? We gave her space and kept going, but checked the spot out again on our way back. It’s right next to the creek and the turtle was making her way back to the water. There was a disturbed spot in the trail, but it was hard to tell whether or not there were eggs.

turtle laying eggs


After our run I made a big trip to the grocery store (something I had been putting off all week) and as a bonus I picked up this movie. Woohoo! I didn’t even know it was out on DVD. Barry and I saw it when it was in the theater and we really liked it!


The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. Hank was having a rough time, so I was busy giving him lots of extra attention. He had a sore paw from licking it (this often happens in the spring/fall, we think because of allergies).

bloodhound sleeping

Yesterday I couldn’t decide between a run or cross training. Instead I did a circuit of sorts where I did a 1 mile run and then some cross training (push ups, crunches, etc.), repeat x3. It was fun to mix it up. In the afternoon I watched a bit of the FIFA Women’s World Cup (USA plays Australia tonight, by the way!) and I made a big discovery. Sweet potato chips and spinach and artichoke dip are the best combination ever. Try it!


It wouldn’t be fun for every weekend to be low-key, but it sure is nice to have one every now and then!

How was your weekend? What did you do?
Weekends: Low-key or busy?

12 thoughts on “Low-key, just the way I like it”

  1. Weekend was quiet. Trip to the theater to see 1776. Workout this weekend included washing and waxing 32 feet of RV, total square footage ~900.


  2. You should of kept bidding Barry lol. I’ve heard good things about McFarland USA, I need to watch it. Had a 10 mile run on Saturday, legs are a little tight, I think it was a little bit too much too soon. Stretching like crazy 🙂

  3. Yum, that does sound like a good combo! I had kind of a “low key” weekend as well, but still managed to pack it full of fun stuff and be exhausted this morning. How does that happen?

  4. I’ll go bottom to top. I loooove spinach artichoke dip and also spinach artichoke hummus! Sweet potato chips are awesome, too. We could totes be snack buds. 🙂

    Poor Hank. 😦 My dog used to do the same thing. Our vet guessed it was related to arthritis and it was aching, but we never really figured it out. Anxiety did make it worst though, like when I’d go back to work after the summer.

    Freaky to see the turtle! I wonder if you’ll see little turtle babies soon?

    And poor Annabelle, she so wanted that new piece of land. 🙂 I guess that means the right tract of land is yet to be found! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me. Except the auction. I don’t think I’d like that very much, and I’m sorry Annabelle didn’t get her land 🙂
    I always like seeing turtles.
    Sweet potato chips are my favorite!!

  6. I prefer low key weekends, but most of ours are busy. This coming weekend is Miles’ Annual Pancake Run, so I’ll be busy setting up for it!

    I hope Hank’s paw starts feeling better soon! AND, I can’t believe how big Annabell is getting! 🙂

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