The possibilities are endless

This week’s Wednesday Word prompt is Dreams. We all have dreams in life – some realistic, some not so much. But with perseverance and dedication, the realistic ones can often be accomplished.

marathon motivation

Dreams, both realistic and unrealistic, can drive us to achieve more than we ever thought we could. They are what fuel our passions. They can be a bit scary to think about, but that just means you’re dreaming big. When you’ve got a dream or a big goal in mind, you make a plan and make it happen. There is no “right time,” you just have to go for it.


I have hopes and dreams for the near future – like starting a family and exploring additional possibilities in my field of work. And I have bigger dreams for the distant future. Ones I’m not sure will ever happen, like running a 100 miler and driving across the United States.


As long as the seed is planted, the possibilities are endless.

Join in on Deb’s link up and share what dreams mean to you!

Deb Runs

What do you dream about? What are your goals for the future?

11 thoughts on “The possibilities are endless”

  1. Meagan, you’ve got so much good stuff ahead of you, and you’ve come so far already! I don’t think that the 100 mile dream is too big for you, either — when you’re ready for it, I 100% believe it will happen!

  2. Cheers to a 100-miler – you can absolutely do it!!! I’m with you on the dream of someday driving across the country, too. My biggest dream right now is to run completely pain-free without fear of injury. Maybe someday!!!

  3. I have no doubt you can make those dreams happen, and I look forward to following along on your journey.

    Sometimes I dream about running another marathon…

    Thank you for linking up!

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