A Busy Weekend

This past weekend had plenty of stuff going on, with a good balance of down time mixed in. Not too shabby. It got started on Saturday morning with the Mill Mountain Mayhem 10K trail run in Roanoke. Barry ran the race, while I volunteered as crossing guard at the road crossing near the finish line. It was my first time volunteering at a race and I had a good time.

Mill Mountain Mayhem 10K

Barry had a great race day, and finished in 13th place overall. It was also good for 2nd in his age group and he took home some pretty sweet hardware.

IMG_0334I was surprised that I felt pretty tired after finishing my volunteer job, but I guess it makes sense since I was on my feet directing traffic for the better part of the morning. Luckily, I had plans to meet Kim in the afternoon for a run which kept me accountable. We ran 5 miles together on our usual trail. The weather was really nice, albeit a bit warm.

Dora Trail Pulaski

I got nearly 10 hours of sleep Saturday night, which I really needed, and I woke up feeling refreshed on Sunday morning. Partway through the morning Barry and I headed up to Salem for a Blue Ridge Bloodhound training session. There was a lot of this one the way up:

Always helpful navigators


We had a great training session and both dogs did a few trails each. It was a challenging day for them because it was windy, which can blow the scent around a lot on each trail. But the dogs were still able to work things out, and they’re always so proud of themselves after running a successful trail.


Our training lasted about 3 to 4 hours, and the dogs were worn out afterwards. That’s the norm after a training session, though. On the way home there was a lot of this:


Once we got home I got started on the laundry and then gave each of the dogs a bath. They are always exhausted after a bath, so they were practically comatose after training and baths. Barry and I spent the evening doing stuff around the house and then watched the movie ‘The Judge’ to closeout the weekend.

How was the weather this past weekend where you live?
If you have pets, do they get tired when you travel in a vehicle?
What’s the longest you can sleep at a time?
10 hours is pretty much my max

8 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend”

  1. Our weather was great up here, too! I spent all of Friday and Saturday indoors recuperating from a virus, but made up for it on Sunday by spending ten hour outside doing yard work and cleaning out our garden shed. It was wonderful to finally be outside, and not in so many layers!

    I love that Hank and Scout are so exhausted from their training sessions. It’s a sign of a hard working dog!

    1. Sorry to hear you were sick, that’s no fun! Glad you were able to make up for it on Sunday, though. It was great weather to be outside.

  2. It’s raining here in TX so I had a rainy morning run, which cooled me off. Have you taught your dogs to drive yet?! Congrats to Barry! Volunteering is a fun way to see the race from a different point of view. Glad you had a great weekend!

    1. It’s nice when it’s a cooling rain and not the type that makes it sticky and muggy. Nope, haven’t taught them to drive, but they look ready to learn!

  3. Congrats to Barry! Love that star.
    Volunteering is usually fun, too. I was surprised how much fun I had directing cars in the parking lot(i.e. field) at the Women’s Four Miler last year.

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