Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas Traditions – Part 2

I had to split this into two posts, since the decorations portion ended up hogging an entire post. Here are the rest of our Christmas traditions!

Christmas Cards

Although it nearly gives me carpal tunnel, I love writing Christmas cards. It’s fun to sit down and write a special note in each one and then decorate the envelopes with stickers. 🙂

Christmas Greeting Cards

In return, it’s also fun receiving Christmas cards. I like to keep all of ours in a basket in the living room.

Christmas Cards


My ‘signature’ Christmas cookie is gingerbread men. I started making them a few years ago. I’ve since tweaked my recipe a few times, and have it exactly how I want it (for now). The gingerbread men are pretty labor intensive, because I decorate each individual one. But there’s nothing like a cookie that smiles back at you.

Christmas Cookies Gingerbread Men

This year I also made pumpkin snickerdoodle white chocolate chip cookies. I came across the recipe on HRG‘s blog, and gave them a try at Thanksgiving. Everyone raved about them, and I ended up making several batches just over the holiday weekend. I think they work well as Christmas cookies, too.

Christmas Cookies Pumpkin Snikerdoodle White Chocolate Chip Cookies

We take cookies with us when we travel to see family, and I also mail cookies to family members who we’re also mailing gifts to.


I am a huge fan of Christmas movies. I have a large collection, and at least five or six that would qualify as favorites. It would be impossible for me to pick just one! During the holidays, I try and make sure I sit down to watch each one if I have time. I also like having them on in the background as I wrap gifts, bake cookies, and decorate.

Christmas Movies

I also love Christmas music, but I have to be careful not to OD on it. For me, it’s easy to cross the line into “too much” territory and I will get tired of it. This year I bought a Duck Dynasty Christmas CD thinking it would be funny, but it’s actually a great album!


Since my side of the family and Barry’s live at opposite ends of the state, we also spend a lot of time traveling during the holidays. It takes a lot of planning in advance to coordinate schedules with everyone, but I make sure we’ll see everyone during the holidays. This year Barry has to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I’ll be home with the dogs. We’re actually in Bristol visiting Barry’s family this weekend and we’ll be heading to the other end of the state next weekend to see mine.

Hank and Scout don’t mind all of the traveling

Gift Wrapping

This one goes at the very end, because the gifts aren’t the real reason for the season. But they are a big part of it. I love putting lots of thought into gifts and then wrapping them as best I can.

Christmas gift


I really want each one to look great, because that makes receiving the gift even better. Unfortunately, I am a bit limited because of my poor arts and crafts skills, but I do my best. I’ve gotten a lot better at tying bows this year!

Do you have a ‘signature’ cookie or other item you make for the holidays?
What’s your favorite Christmas/holiday movie?
Do you travel a lot during the holidays?


8 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions – Part 2”

  1. I love Christmas movies too, and I have them on almost all the time when I’m doing things around the house (this time of year at least LOL). I really love Elf and cheesy romances on the Hallmark channel. Your gingerbread men are awesome! Those were one of my favorite cookies for I went 100% GF. I should look for a GF version! Gingerbread is just the perfect amount of sweet and spicy.

    1. I love having them on in the background like that, too. The sweet/spicy combo is why I like gingerbread so much. Hopefully you can find a good GF recipe for them!

  2. I LOVE gingerbread men, but have never attempted to make them. I think I may have to do that next year! I also love Christmas music! It’s always on in my car, and when I’m home by myself. It drives Kurt crazy, so I try to be considerate. The exceptions are when I’m baking cookies and decorating the tree. I get my Christmas music during those activities.
    My grandmother always made seven layer bars, and now I do. Not technically a cookie, but probably my signature Christmas treat.
    Hope you had a nice Christmas! Sounds like you get one more celebration this weekend. Enjoy 🙂

  3. We used to spend Christmas at my mom and dad’s house, but as our family grew, I wanted to start our own traditions at our house. We visit mom for Christmas a week or two early, and have two Christmas’s these days.

    I have two signature Christmas cookies, but only made one of them this year. It’s a chocolate bon bon with a Hershey’s hug in the middle! They melt in your mouth!

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