Random Trail Sightings

I mentioned recently that I needed to get back to a regular running schedule. I especially need to get more time out on the trails, with a lot of upcoming trail races. In the spirit of trail running, here are some random things I’ve seen on trails in the past year.

Anytime you get outside for a workout, be it a run, walk, hike, or bike, I feel like you often end up seeing random things. But for whatever reason, I always see the most random things when I’m out on the trails. Sometimes they give me the heebie-jeebies, too.

While out on the trails you may see….

…A rusted out mower hanging in a tree.


…Handmade signs trying to persuade you to take one trail over another one.


…Tropical birds hanging out in Mountain Laurels.




…A snake.


…More Deer.


…Another snake.


…The occasional turtle.


…And finally, various warning signs to let you know about the trail conditions.


What random things have you seen out on the trails?

8 thoughts on “Random Trail Sightings”

  1. Plenty of deer, snakes, etc., but the best ones I have seen recently are the warnings to stay on the trails. Controlled hunting underway – in Fairfax!! I feel like I should be wearing orange.


  2. Snakes…OH MY GOSH. Those are big and you were close. Yikes!! Are there poisonous snakes where you run? We obviously HAVE snakes but seeing them is pretty rare. At least for me so far. Glad you are back on the trail & enjoying running!

    1. We have a few poisonous ones in our area of Virginia, but neither of those were poisonous. However, I don’t care whether a snake is or isn’t poisonous – they all bite! As far as poisonous ones go we have copperheads, cottonmouths (on the east coast), and rattlesnakes.

  3. The Cruisers used to see a guy on the trail every Saturday morning. He had a thick Slavic accent and we nicknamed him Squeaky because he ran in Converse canvas sneakers that squeaked when he ran. One Saturday when the temperature was about 20° and there was snow on the ground, we saw Squeaky wearing only his sneakers and running shorts!

    We also saw a singe old-fashioned roller skate along the W&OD Trail near Route 28. It was there for about two years, and we looked for it every Saturday hidden amongst the weeds

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