The end of the festivities

The month of November sure did fly by. I guess now it’s out with Thanksgiving and in with Christmas. The rest of my Thanksgiving holiday weekend went by nearly as quick as the first half. The highlight was definitely the Virginia Tech vs. UVA football game on Friday night. My dad, sister, and I went together, along with a few of my friends. We were all able to get seats right next to each other, which was pretty sweet.

Virginia Tech Football Commonwealth Cup Commonwealth Clash 2014

Virginia Tech Football Commonwealth Cup Commonwealth Clash 2014

It was 23 degrees outside, but we were able to squeak out with a win so the weather didn’t matter. Things got close during the 4th quarter, but the Hokies were able to pull it off in the final 2 minutes. Bowl eligible for the 22nd year in a row!

Virginia Tech Football Commonwealth Cup Commonwealth Clash 2014

It was nearly 2 AM by the time we got home, and we were all exhausted. Saturday morning my dad, sister, and I hung out for a bit and just recovered from all of the excitement from Friday night. In the early afternoon I said goodbye to Dad and my sister as they hit the road to head home. Then I got ready and headed over to my friend’s house for ‘Friendsgiving.’ We had a full Thanksgiving-type spread and I had a great time hanging out with college friends who were in town for the football game. Once again I stayed up way past my bedtime and didn’t get home until after midnight.

When Sunday rolled around I was ready for a low key day. I spent some time cleaning the house a bit and doing laundry. Then I spent the majority of the rest of the day wrapping Christmas gifts.

I’m starting to get a lot better at tying bows.

I probably got about three-fourths of it done. I really enjoy wrapping Christmas presents, so it didn’t feel like a chore. I deiced to seize the opportunity to get some wrapping done yesterday, since I’ve got lots of stuff going on pretty much every weekend between now and Christmas. Once that’s out of the way I can just relax and enjoy all of the festivities!

How was your holiday weekend?
Who else has started wrapping gifts?

8 thoughts on “The end of the festivities”

  1. Well obviously I had a great Thanksgiving. What could be better than spending it with two of my favorite girls.

    Haven’t started wrapping yet but I do have several gifts purchased.

    I always hope the wrapping fairy will show up and wrap my presents.

    On to decorating and prepping for family to arrive.


  2. Oh man, you guys look so cold at the game. I have been to plenty of cold football games and I totally understand that the temp does not matter as long as it is a good game. I can’t even with all of your wrapped gifts! Ridiculous! I think I have maybe bought 1-2 items so far (and that was earlier this year when I saw something and thought it would make a good gift for someone).

  3. Good for you getting all that wrapping done! I have most of my presents bought at this point, but nothing wrapped yet. I like to sit down in front of a Christmas movie on a Sat night and do it all at once, too. Doesn’t feel like a chore then either!

  4. I got all of my Christmas gifts wrapped yesterday; and by wrapping, I mean either put in gift bags with tissue paper, or put in pre-wrapped gift boxes that I bought at Costco several years ago that I reuse over and over! I really need to use up all of my wrapping paper at some point though! 🙂

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