The calf who thought she was a dog

I have a dog named Hank who thinks he is a cow. This is probably due in part to his spending a lot of time around cows when he was a puppy.

Scratching his chin like a cow.
Communing with his fellow comrades.

I have another dog named Scout who thinks she is a human. I don’t really know why she thinks this, but it’s clear in almost everything she does. Especially in the way she sleeps- preferably with a pillow and blanket.




And now I have a heifer calf named Annabelle (also now known as ‘Peanut’ to Barry – I’m not the only one who got attached) who thinks she is a dog.


Her story is kind of the opposite of Hank’s. She is spending her young, impressionable first weeks of life with Hank and Scout. Naturally, she thinks she’s one of the gang.

You and me, we're buddies.
You and me, we’re buddies.
Annabelle likes to follow Scout.
Annabelle likes to follow Scout.
Let's run together!
Let’s run together!
Helping Hank check on the chickens.
Helping Hank check on the chickens.
More running together. Such fun!
More running together. Such fun!

In addition to tagging along with the dogs in the backyard, Annabelle has now also started drinking her milk from a bucket, in an effort to be more like Hank and Scout. Just kidding! She’s drinking milk out of a bucket now because it’s easier on us than bottle feeding her. Not to mention she decided she didn’t want to drink out of a bottle anymore about a week and a half ago.

Calf Collage

Scout is especially happy that Annabelle now drinks her milk from a bucket. That’s because Scout likes to lick the milk off of Annabelle’s chin afterwards, which Annabelle seems to enjoy too. At five weeks old, Annabelle has also started to eat some grass, grain, and drink water!

So Hank thinks he’s a cow, Scout thinks she’s human, and Annabelle thinks she’s a dog. However, we do have one group who is sure of themselves.


The chickens are pretty sure they’re birds. At least, that’s the consensus for now.

Do you have any animals that are confused about what they are?

9 thoughts on “The calf who thought she was a dog”

    1. Yes! I actually took nearly two weeks off. I felt fine, physically, after 5 days but I just needed a mental break from running after training. But I got out for a short trail run on Saturday and 11 miles with my running buddy on Sunday.

    1. Haha glad you loved it! 🙂 Annabelle is very settled in and seems to be enjoying her space in the backyard. (She doesn’t have free reign all the time. Most of the time she’s in her hutch/pen area in one corner of the yard)

    1. It’s a tough call! That’s actually Scout under all those blankets. Hank gets too hot, so he rarely lays under anything. Scout, on the other hand, can be found laying right next to the wood stove when we have a roaring fire going during the winter!

  1. Awww! I love the animals 🙂
    One of our cats acts like a dog: he comes when I call him, greets me at the door, and follows me around the house. He’s pretty special!

    1. I love when cats act like dogs! My best friend has a barn cat that acts like a dog. He sits and waits for her when he knows she’s going to be there and then walks around with her.

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