Bisset Park Radford

These Brothers Are Crazy (my first Hanson strength workout)

Last night I had my first strength workout with the Hansons Marathon Method. My schedule called for 6 x 1 mile repeats, with 400m recovery in between. I felt the same way about this first strength workout as I did about my first track workout (12 x 400m): terrified. But despite these Hanson brothers seeming crazy, they continue to outsmart me by knowing what I’m capable of better than I do. And by that I mean the workout went pretty well.

I headed over to Bisset Park, because most of the trail runs along the river and is flat. These strength workouts are too long to be done on a track, so the Hansons recommend finding a flat stretch of trail and that’s what I did. I even figured out how to use the interval setting on my Garmin…. mostly. We’ll get to that in a second.

See how flat!?
See how flat!?

I started out with a 1.25 mile warm up. I had my interval workout set up on my watch to include a warm up, and it displayed the lap time on top and the distance on the bottom. Good enough. Once I finished my warm up I hit the lap button and took off on my first interval. Less than two minutes later I glanced down at my watch and I saw 0.86 on top and 6 on the bottom. What the heck!? Where’s my pace? Where’s my time?? I had no idea. So I ran the first one mile repeat blind. I suck at packing, guys. Once I finished my first mile and the recovery, I stopped briefly to figure things out… and realized all my other screens were still there. I just had to scroll through. Good grief! So I quickly changed the settings so I would only see the interval screen (which displayed the distance and the number interval I was on) and a second screen that would have my current lap time and lap distance. Things went more smoothly from there. My goal was 10:08 for each mile repeat, 10 seconds faster than marathon pace.

Mile 1 – 9:40 (running blind)
Mile 2 – 9:52 (okay, so that one was my fault)
Mile 3 – 9:53 (well, at least slower than #2…)

I think I run these a bit fast because I’m afraid of missing the interval. The 400m recoveries felt pretty short, but I felt pretty strong throughout the workout. It was tough, don’t get me wrong. Did I mention it was close to 90 degrees at the start of my run, and had only cooled down to 80 by the finish?

Bisset Park Radford
It was dark when I finished

During interval number 4 I inhaled a bunch of bugs. It immediately made me gag and I actually threw up in the grass on the side of the trail without ever stopping. You’re welcome for that visual. But now you know how bad A I am 🙂 Seriously, though, it sucks to run when it’s so buggy out.

Mile 4 – 10:10 (see what happens when I back off towards the end to hit 10:08… oh and the bug incident)
Mile 5 – 9:52 (well, we’re back to the 9:50’s)
Mile 6 – 9:58 (close, but no cigar)

Overall this workout went really well, which surprised me. It was double the work load from my track workouts, with less rest relative to the interval length. I think I will be doing the rest of my strength runs at Bisset Park. I may even try this week’s tempo run there (on Thursday), since I’ve been in a kind of funk with those runs.

Bisset Park Radford

It looks like Tuesday workouts continue to be my favorite. Next week I’ve got 4 x 1.5 mile repeats, with 800m recovery in between. Harder or easier than this week? We shall see. Oh! I meant to mention when I completed my interval workout my Garmin displayed “Workout Complete!” and played some celebration music. (no joke) If that doesn’t make you want to complete an interval workout, I don’t know what will!

Have you ever swallowed a bunch of bugs?
Has anyone else ever used the interval setting on their GPS watch? Very confusing at first, but ended up working really well!

8 thoughts on “These Brothers Are Crazy (my first Hanson strength workout)”

  1. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts with this training plan! I’d be curious to try one of their training plans now. Sorry about the bugs yucky! 😦 Haha that’s awesome your garmin congratulated you too 🙂

    1. You should totally check them out! I’m pretty sure they have a half marathon training plan, too. I’ll probably check that one out next year, just to get an idea of workouts I can do when I’m not specifically in training.

  2. Yes and yes (bugs and interval setting). The interval thing can be confusing at first, but the victory song is pretty cool 🙂
    Congrats on another successful workout!! I’m so impressed with how closely you stick to a training plan.

  3. Nice work!! I’d say you are a true hard core runner now that you’ve puked w/out stopping. I think that is more impressive than the workout. LOL!

    1. Haha thanks, Jan! I think it would be a lot harder to puke without stopping if it was the running itself that induced the puking. But I don’t really care to test that theory….

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