Happy 2nd Birthday, Scout!

Today is Scout’s second birthday!


It feels like just yesterday that we brought her home, on a cold day in November when she was 14 weeks old.

BloodhoundScout enjoys spending her days mainly napping. She’s the lazier of our two lazy dogs.


When she’s not busy sleeping she likes to play with toys….


….and chew on rawhides. She especially loves to chew on rawhides.


She also really enjoys spending time outside, as long as it’s not too cold. Even as a small puppy she would have her nose to the ground tracking things in the yard. Bloodhounds are made to track and it’s a strong instinct for them.


On a warm sunny day she loves to bask in the sun, and will often take a nap on the deck or under our shade tree.


Since the day she stepped foot in our house, she has been in charge. Despite being the smaller of our two dogs, she rules the roost and always has.


Scout enjoys going camping and getting to smell the smells of new places.


But she also secretly likes camping because there is a comfy couch in our camper for her to nap on. Occasionally she even gets to sleep in our bed.


As I mentioned, Scout prefers the warmer weather. She likes the summer time and in the winter she can often be found sleeping under the woodstove in the basement. When she’s upstairs she likes to crawl under the blanket with me on the couch. She’s our little cuddler. But occasionally she also likes to spend short amounts of time outside in the snow.

Bloodhounds in the snow

But she’s most happy when it’s warm and sunny outside.


During Scout’s first year she got a bit underweight because she was growing so quickly, so we started free choice feeding her. But during her second year she stopped growing as much but continued to love to eat 🙂 We had to switch to scheduled feeding because she got a few pounds overweight, earning the nickname “Tubbo.” She now will respond to either Scout or Tubbo. She’s pretty funny when she begs at the dinner table, too.


Instead of putting her chin on the table or her head in our laps, she lays on the floor and growls. When we look down at her she puts a happy look on her face and wags her tail. The growling often goes on during the entire meal.


This year her birthday celebration will include some time spent outside in the backyard, enjoying the sunshine. We may also take a nap (since I have to run 15 miles this morning) in my bed, which is a special treat. Finally, she also will get a new rawhide and possibly a puppy ice cream!

If you have pets, how old are they?

9 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday, Scout!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Scout! I can look at puppy pictures all day long! I wish I had baby pictures of Zoey and Shrek, but we got them after the puppy stage so I can only imagine how cute they were!

  2. Happy Birthday Scout!! I just love her name – it looks like so her 🙂 Haha I like how she lays on the floor and growls – too funny!

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