New River State Park Trail

Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 6

This was a big week for me. It kind of felt like my first full week of training. Up until this point all of my runs have been easy runs, but this week I had my first track workout and my first tempo run. Now it feels like training has really begun.

Monday- 4 mile easy run in the evening. I had a long day at work, so I ended up just running with Sven (the treadmill) when I got home.

Tuesday- 12 x 400 on the track. This was my first track workout of training, and it went pretty well. The workout was 8 miles total, including the 1 mile warm up and cool down, and the 400m recoveries in between intervals.

speed work track workout

Wednesday- Rest.

Thursday- 5 mile tempo run after work. This was my first tempo run with the Hansons. For them, tempo run means marathon pace run. So I did 5 miles at 10:18/mile pace with a 1 mile warm up and cool down, for a total of 7 miles. I had other things to do that evening, so I ran on the treadmill just to save time.

Friday- 4 mile easy run in the morning before work. I was at my dad’s house (I drove up Thursday night and was only there for a little over 12 hours), so I ran around the neighborhood. I had wanted to go run in the woods a bit, but they had the access path closed.


This run was a bit tough for me. My legs were pretty fatigued, I was tired, and it was pretty humid outside. It was my first taste of cumulative fatigue.

Saturday- 8 mile easy run with Kim on the Dora and New River trails in the morning. It was nice and cool outside, albeit a bit humid. My calves were really sore, but after we stopped and stretched halfway they felt a lot better. My legs weren’t feeling as fatigued as they did on Friday, either.

New River State Park Trail

Sunday- 8 mile easy run with Sven. I had to get up and do this run pretty early in the morning, because we were leaving for the beach (oh yea, I’m at the beach on vacation now!). But nevertheless I was able to get my miles in before we hit the road.

Total Miles: 39 miles
July Total: 113.91 miles

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    1. I hope so! It hasn’t been too restful yet, other than relaxing on the beach, because I keep staying up late and getting up early to run. Oops!

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