Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 2

Another week in the books and another week of loosely following the training plan. I actually followed it a bit closer than I did last week, but I still added miles on here and there (and ran a 5K in place of a scheduled easy 3 miler).

Monday- Rest day (it was on the schedule and my legs were still kind of sore from the trail run)

Tuesday- 2 mile run on the treadmill, as scheduled. I was either fighting a cold or some allergies, so I stuck to the short run on my schedule and stayed inside. It’s no fun to run outside when it’s 90 degrees, but especially so when you have a pounding headache.

Wednesday- Rest day.

Thursday- 3 mile run on the roads around our house in the evening. I had to stop halfway through the run to stretch my Achilles and calves, because they were so tight. DSCN0732a Friday- In God We Trust 5K race. Went out way too fast and proceeded to fall apart the last two miles. Here are a couple of photos courtesy of Glenda Scott, which were taken by her husband.

In God We Trust 5K

In God We Trust 5K

Saturday- 6 mile run on the Dora and New River Trails. I waited until late morning to run, and it had warmed up quite a bit outside. My legs were also feeling pretty tired, which made for a tough run. New River State Park Trail Towards the end of my run I saw a doe, and then another doe that had a fawn with her. The first doe is about to jump the fence and run across the trail in front of me, and you can see the other doe with her fawn about to run away in the background.

Dora Trail

I was able to quickly snap a second picture as the doe and her fawn ran off into the woods in the other direction:

Dora Trail

Sunday- 4 mile run in the evening with Barry on the roads around our house. It was pretty hot outside (that cold front from Friday was long gone) and my legs were feeling tired again. We did an out and back, which included black hollow hill. Unfortunately, the hill beat me again!


We did get to see two friendly dogs, who greet us almost every time we run by! That makes going down black hollow hill, and back up it, worth it.


Total Miles: 18 miles

8 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 2”

  1. Looks like a good second week.

    Thought I would add, the deer in Fairfax don’t care that humans are around. They just look at you and keep eating.


    1. It’s funny how deer in a more crowded area are less spooky than the ones in a less populated area. Maybe you should start shooting at them πŸ™‚ Then they’ll learn!

    1. I’m glad they’re friendly, too. They don’t even really bark at me anymore. But the first time they ran out at me barking I was nearly in the briars across the road before I figured out they were friendly. πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats on a solid week. That hill looks rough and in the heat/humidty, I am sure it would beat me, too! Keep running it! Is Barry also training for MCM?

    1. It is a rough hill, and that photo was taken halfway up! Barry is not running MCM. After the Blue Ridge Marathon (in April) he vowed that he needed a full year break from marathons before doing another one, and so far he’s sticking to it πŸ™‚

  3. Yay for animals making a run a bit more fun! πŸ™‚ So far, this marathon training is something I could do. LOL I’ll be interested to see the rest of your weeks!

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