Virginia Beach Boardwalk running

Weekly Workout Roundup – June 2 – 8

This week was essentially a recovery week after last Sunday’s race. I was out of town all week for work in Virginia Beach. Of course I had to get out a few days to run in the area, and I did a few workouts in my hotel room as well.

Monday- Rest day/6 hour drive to the beach day. My legs were so stiff and sore after being in the car that long!

Tuesday- AM: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred level 1 workout. One of my coworkers said she wanted to workout with me this week, so she came over to my hotel room in the morning so we could workout. It was fun to have a cross training buddy.

PM: 2 mile run at First Landing State Park (trails) with the same coworker. I was excited when I realized we were so close to the state park and I would be able to explore the trails a little bit.

First Landing State Park Cape Henry Trail

We ran on the Cape Henry Trail, and saw several areas that I think were Cypress groves? They were really neat looking, whatever they were!

First Landing State Park Cape Henry Trail

Wednesday- 3 mile run in the morning on the Virginia Beach boardwalk on National Running Day! My coworker joined me for the first half of this run. I had no idea it was National Running Day until we ran past a J&A Racing tent at the King Neptune statue, where they were handing out hats in celebration.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk Neptune

So we both got free hats and a nice morning run! I love how many people are out on the boardwalk, too. Everyone waves and says good morning, which is a lot of fun.

Instagram {turkeyrunner}

Thursday- Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones workout DVD (57 min.). This was an evening workout that I did in my hotel room with my coworker. Once again, I really enjoyed having a buddy to do my Jillian workout with. We groaned together during the abs circuit 🙂

Friday- 3 mile solo run on the VA Beach boardwalk in the morning. I was very tired from not resting well all week (it was noisy around the hotel, and I’m used to it being practically silent at night), but I wanted to get up and get one last run in at the beach.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk running

One neat thing I saw on my run was all of the sand soccer fields they had set up on the beach. For the entire mile and a half there were fields set up for a tournament taking place this past weekend. That’s a lot of soccer fields! Right at the very center there was a large field set up that I think is where the final games would be played.

VA Beach sand soccer U.S. Open

After some Googling, I found out the tournament taking place this weekend was the U.S. Open of the North American Sand Soccer Championships. There were teams from twenty states across the country, as well as from other countries. Who knew there was such a thing!?

Saturday- Rest day. Although I should mention I spent the entire day walking around the North Carolina Zoo in flip flops. I went down there for the day with a group of girls for my friend Jessie’s bachelorette party (she’s getting married next weekend!!).

North Carolina Zoo

In total, we walked at least five miles. My legs were definitely feeling it, especially since I wore flip flops!

Sunday- 4 mile run in the morning with Kim on the Dora Trail. Kim brought her baby, Hannah, along, and it was the first time the three of us have all run together (Hannah is nearly 6 months old now). I had a lot of fun running slightly ahead and looking at her in the stroller to see what she was doing.

Dora Trail Pulaski

For awhile Hannah just looked at everything, then she took a nap, and then she woke up and played with a toy for the last half mile or so. My legs were a bit tired, and it was humid outside, but it felt good to shake out my legs. They were sore from Saturday.

Total Miles: 12 miles

11 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup – June 2 – 8”

  1. Sounds like a fun week. And VA Beach is nice this time of year. In a few weeks, it will be too crowded to enjoy.

    I’m surprised you never heard of sand soccer. Had a coworker that was big into it with his kids. Makes a frustrating game even more challenging.

    1. I have heard of sand soccer, but I didn’t think it went much beyond the recreational youth level. It surprised me that they not only have adult teams, but a U.S. Open championships.

      Can you imagine sand field hockey? 🙂

  2. Yikes 6 hour drive. That would of killed my legs too. First Landing looks awesome, seems like a lot of great scenery. Come on how did you not know it was National Running Day?? I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who posted about it. VA Beach looks incredible. I may need to hit Cali this summer so we can run on the beach, very jealous lol. Very cool walking around the zoo but no bueno walking in flip flops.

    1. It was really neat! I’m hoping to explore more of the trails there the next time I’m back there (probably next spring…).

      I don’t know how I didn’t know it was National Running Day! I was a little unplugged from social media during the week, since I was really busy with my work meeting all week, so I guess I just didn’t see anything about it beforehand.

  3. Yay for running on the boardwalk! That does look peaceful, even if your hotel was not! Also, that is so cute you got to run with a baby! Fun.

    1. It was peaceful, and I really enjoy how friendly everyone is in the morning! I’m not used to regularly seeing runners while out on my own run 🙂

    1. I guess VA Beach was a good town to be in on National Running Day, huh? Yes, the concrete boardwalk always beats my legs up and aggravates my shins! But I just can’t resist a run along the beach without actually getting sand in my shoes. In addition to having just run the Conquer the Cove 25K, I also kept my boardwalk runs short to keep from aggravating my legs. I wish we could run on that paved bike path instead!

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