Wildwood Park Trail Radford

Weekly Workout Roundup – Apr. 28 – May 4

Happy Cinco de Mayo (I didn’t celebrate, unless you count making chicken enchiladas for dinner last night)! This week I didn’t do as much running at the beginning of the week as I planned. It was a bad combination of traveling for work, uncooperative weather, and hotel treadmill hogs. But maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Maybe my shins would have gotten aggravated if I hadn’t taken a few days in a row off after Blue Ridge.

Monday- Rest day. This was a planned rest day after last weekend’s half marathon and hiking on Sunday. I also came down with a little 24 hour stomach bug, so the day was spent on the couch.

Tuesday- Rest day. I had to travel for a work meeting, and was hoping to get in a short run in the evening after I got to my hotel. Unfortunately, it was pouring so hard (as it had all day….) when I got to my hotel that I chose not to run outside. The treadmill was occupied, so I took another rest day. No biggie. Side note: My hotel had thin walls and the guy in the room next to me snored hard enough to peel the paint off of the walls.

Wednesday- Rest day again. I had a long day at work and was still out of town. Once again it poured all day and in the afternoon we were having cloud to ground lightning strikes, a bit of hail, and tornado warnings. So running outside was not an option.

Despite the long work day, I did want to get a run in and intended to do so on the hotel treadmill. I went by at 8 PM and there was a lady on it. Went by at 8:45 and there was a guy on it. Went by one last time at 9:30 and there was a different guy on it. So I did a few planks and some push ups and sit ups in my room and called it good.

Thursday- 4 mile run in the morning. This was my travel home day and usually my workout prospects are no good on travel days. By the time I get home I’m beat and I’m just ready to unpack and settle in. So I knew I needed to run in the morning if it was going to happen. I set my alarm early, and finally got to go for a run on the High Bridge Trail State Park. I parked in town in Farmville and enjoyed an easy 4 mile run as the sun came up. There was some pretty crazy flooding around town from all of the rain, but the trail wasn’t affected.

High Bridge Trail State Park Farmville

Friday- Easy 3 mile run in the midafternoon heat. I had to get groceries after work, so I decided to run at Bisset Park in Radford before hitting the store on the way home. I actually parked in Bisset Park, but then headed up the hill and under the main road on the trail in Wildwood Park. Everything was so green!

Wildwood Park Trail Radford

Funny story- I got to a section where the trail crosses a road. They have been doing construction on the road for a few months, and currently have the road torn up and have signs up saying the trail is closed. But the trail is open past that intersection, across the road, so I asked the construction worker who was controlling traffic if it was alright to cross. He said no problem, just be careful. Of course the next thing I do is trip right in front of him on the pile of asphalt that they tore up from the road. Typical. He just chuckled, shook his head, and went back to directing traffic.

Saturday- Trail Nut 10K race in Bedford. My legs were still pretty tired from Blue Ridge last weekend, but I still enjoyed this race. Much different from my first trail race experience. 🙂

Trail Nut 10K Falling Creek Park Bedford

You know the drill – full race report coming on Wednesday morning.

Sunday- Met up with Kim in the morning at the Dora Trail for a 5 mile run. My legs were feeling fatigued, but not too sore after Saturday’s race. It was a really nice day out, and I’m glad we got to meet up for a run together. I’m loving all the green that’s back, because it means there’s shade on the trail again!

Total Miles: 18.65 miles
April Total: 73.69 miles

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup – Apr. 28 – May 4”

  1. Tough week but I think you made the most of it. Sorry about the snoring, that would if drove me crazy.

    You got some great trail runs in and the race. True epic fail crossing the road, shake it off and keep running I guess lol.

    1. The odds didn’t seem to be in my favor last week. That fall crossing the road embarrassed me, but not that much because I do stuff like that all the time 🙂

  2. Funny about tripping in front of the construction worker. SOOOOOO something I would do. Glad you had a decent week despite some unplanned time off! I can imagine traveling makes it tough!

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