Seen Around Town

Today I am running the Marine Corps 17.75K. If all goes as planned, I will receive guaranteed entry into the Marine Corps Marathon upon finishing this race, which was the main point of running the MC17.75K.

In the meantime, I have a collection of random pictures for you. It started with a few pictures of things I have seen around town/in the area, but then it expanded a little bit. I ended up with two pictures of things seen around town, one of something seen in my house, one seen on the internet, and one that was sent to me. Enjoy!

This first picture was taken at a storage building sales lot in the area. I recently noticed that they are selling chicken coops fashioned out of outhouses!


Next, we have a photo of a pay phone at the gas station nearest to our house. The pay phone itself is no longer there, but I thought the replacement was pretty funny. Is that how they did it before we had actual pay phones??


Third, a picture of something that is often seen in my house. When Hank was a puppy, he spent more time around dairy cows than he did around other dogs. As a result, he seems to have a bit of an identity crisis. There are many things he does that are in the way a cow would do it, rather than how a dog would do it. One example of this is how he scratches his head/ears/chin. Most dogs would sit down and use their back leg. My dog does it cow-style:


For your reference:

I saw this picture on the Run the Edge on Facebook and thought it was too funny:

Finally, I received a text message last weekend from my Sister-in-law, who was visiting her best friend in Boston. She also took this same picture for me last year, and I think it is becoming a tradition.


What things have you seen around your town?


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4 thoughts on “Seen Around Town”

  1. That tin can is funny! How did they get the dogs in line to sit still for that picture?! I tried to see, but couldn’t find, a rooster crowing this morning where I was running. That’s odd given where I live.

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