The positives of frigid weather and I’d like to have his job

There have been many negative consequences of the snow and frigid temperatures we have had lately: having to revert to indoor workouts, and 10,000 kids being trapped in their schools and 16 hour commutes in Atlanta just to name a few. However, there have also been some positives.

For one, there’s this view of the Drillfield from the Burruss Hall webcam at Virginia Tech, which was captured on Tuesday night:

Man I love that place.

The extremely cold temperatures we have experienced since the start of the new year have also led to the New River freezing in a few spots. I had to stop on Wednesday afternoon and get a picture as I was driving across a bridge.

See that big white patch? That’s usually rushing water.

Then there’s the funny behavior of our chickens in this cold weather. Turns out they’re not big fans of the snow and seldom come out of their coop when there is snow on the ground.

One morning this week, when it was below 0 outside with the windchill, Barry saw one chicken poke her head out and then go back inside. I joked that each morning they take a vote on who has to go outside and check the weather. Then said chicken reports back to the others and they make a decision for the day. I humored them with some dried meal worms one evening, just to keep things interesting for them.

Barry and I did learn that we have to be diligent about collecting eggs each day. I forgot on Tuesday and those eggs froze and then cracked, due to the cold weather. Oops. While I was out tending to the chickens on Wednesday evening, one of them wanted a close up and I obliged.

She says I got her good side.

According to the weatherman, it is supposed to warm up a bit this weekend. Of course, you always have to take the weather forecast with a grain of salt. Earlier this week, we ended up getting a lot more snow than predicted and it was much windier and colder than predicted. The weatherman spent that evening giving us a lesson in weather forecasting, and explaining why it was hard to predict.

What did I take away? That when you mix cold with more cool it gets really cold and it might also snow. And that forecasting is really guess work. Go figure. I’d like to have his job, where it’s okay to be wrong as long as you make your best guess.

If you didn’t have your current job, what would you do?
I would be a postman or a nurse.
What positives have you seen from the frigid weather (if it’s been cold)?

12 thoughts on “The positives of frigid weather and I’d like to have his job”

    1. I always thought it would be fun to get to walk outside all day, but that definitely wouldn’t be the case in the cold weather. We’re on a rural post route, though, so they drive their vehicles to deliver the mail.

  1. Job? Probably teaching. Molding young children in my image.Haven’t really seen any positives to the cold. Expect the insect population to be down this summer. Nothing like a good hard freeze to kill off the larvae. LUD.

  2. What a gorgeous picture of the Drillfield! I think one of the big positives from the extreme cold is that we are getting light and fluffy snow that is easy to shovel, rather than the wet heavy wintery mix we so often get.

  3. I am ready for spring!! Funny story about the chickens πŸ™‚ And yeah I’d be a weather-person too haha.Do you have any plans for another marathon this year?! I’m thinking about the Richmond one!

    1. Me, too! It kind of feels like spring this weekend. Perfect for your long run! I am thinking about doing the Marine Corps Marathon this year! You should totally do Richmond. I have only run the half, but really enjoyed it the two years I ran there. I love that you’re already thinking about your second marathon πŸ™‚ I did the same thing while I was training for my first.

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