Weekly Workout Roundup – Dec. 23 – 29

Yet another light week of workouts and running. But as I mentioned last week, I am planning on keeping things lighter until 2014.

Monday- 3 minute plank. I sang the alphabet 13 times in my head with my eyes closed for this one. I wanted to go for a run, since I hadn’t run all weekend, but my shins were still bothersome. So I did the smart thing and took a rest day and iced them.

Tuesday- 3 minute 30 second plank. This one was really tough. After I hit the 3 minute mark my lower back started to arch toward the floor and I just could not get my back to straighten out for the last 30 seconds. I debated on whether that counted as my 210 second plank for the day, and decided it did since I never actually came out of plank position. My form just got poor at the end.

Another day without running because my shins were still hurting. I was going to do some cross training in the afternoon, but ended up taking a nap with the dogs on the couch. Since it was Christmas Eve, I left Santa some PowerGel and water to keep him going.

Instagram: turkeyrunner

Wednesday- 3 mile run with Sven in the morning. Obviously, my shins were feeling a bit better so I decided to get some miles in while watching E.T. I wore my Christmas compression socks, a green shirt, and my shoes with the jingle bells on them since it was Christmas morning.

In the afternoon I did a short 7 minute workout that included jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, planks, chair dips, and step ups. I was still in my workout clothes and figured why not. It’s amazing how easy a 30 second plank feels after doing much longer planks with the 30 day challenge. On day 1 I had to do a 30 second plank and it wasn’t very difficult, but it was certainly challenging back then.

In the evening I did my 3 minute 30 second plank. I did a bit better than the day before, but still struggled with my lower back beginning to arch and losing my plank form towards the end.

Thursday- Complete rest day. Spent the day driving to my dad and sister’s house for Christmas, headed to a family get together upon arrival, and then did “Christmas morning” in the evening.

Friday- 4 minute plank. (hint: sing the alphabet slowly 20 times in a row to reach 3 minutes 50 seconds, then count down from 10)

Saturday- Headed to the W&OD Trail with Barry and Dad in the afternoon. I ran a little over 5.5 miles (Barry ran with me for 3/4ths of the run, but ran on his own initially and put in 7 miles) on the gravel path that runs alongside the paved bike trail. It was a cool 50 degrees outside and I really enjoyed this run. My shins felt good on the gravel trail. I committed a blogger fail and forgot to take a picture. But you know from Deb what the W&OD looks like already.

4 minute plank a mere 6 minutes from midnight to get my daily plank in for the 30 day challenge.

Sunday- I was hoping to go for another run, but I woke up to a cold, nasty rain and I just couldn’t bring myself to head out in that mess. I got two new Jillian Michaels workouts, since I like the 30 day shred so much, and I was going to do one of those but then Dirty Dancing was on TV.

This was the penultimate day for the 30 day challenge and it was a 4 minute 30 second plank. I made three attempts at this plank but never was able to hit the full 270 seconds. I guess I was just having an off day. I think I may extend the 30 day challenge until I’m finally able to hit 4 minutes 30 seconds and then the final day of 5 minutes.

Total miles: 8.68 exactly

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup – Dec. 23 – 29”

  1. GREAT job on those planks, wow. I don’t know what my max is but certainly not that long!! Glad you’re taking it easy and enjoying the week. Yay for Christmas socks and bells! So cute!

  2. Safe travels. It was good to have everyone home. It will be much quieter this evening. I am glad we had at lest one trip to the W&OD. It is always a good workout. Thought I would mention I walked 4.38 that day. You did forget to mention the workouts in the dining room. Of course the holidays are a free zone, and it takes a lot of carbs to help those three wise men make it to Bethlehem.LUD.

  3. I was wedding dress shopping with Julie or I might have suggested driving down to meet you guys for your run! I’m glad you had a safe trip and got to spend some fun time with your family. Those days go by too quickly, don’t they?

    1. That would have been fun to meet up! It would have been a bit challenging, as we didn’t have any concrete plans since everything extra just happened around family functions that were set in stone.The days with family always fly by!

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