If you rip off Santa’s beard, he may not bring you treats

Each year since Barry and I have been married, we have taken the dogs to see Santa. Usually the humane society will host pet photos with Santa, with the proceeds going towards helping them out.

Last year when we took Toby, Hank, and Scout to get pictures with Santa it was kind of funny. Scout didn’t have a clue what was going on, Toby was just not interested, and Hank was overly excited which caused him to make really wild-eyed faces. And then Scout ripped off Santa’s beard as she attempted to lick his face. I was just happy she didn’t pee while we were in there, since she was only about 15 weeks old.

Mass chaos

The photographer also did a picture of just Toby with Santa for us, since Toby was a senior citizen. Sadly, last year did end up being his last Christmas so I’m really glad we have this photo.

We missed 2011, but we did take the dogs in 2010 (our first Christmas after getting married). We just had Toby and Hank back then and we took them to see Santa at the humane society in the county we were living in at the time. Funny enough, the photographer was the same one who had done our wedding pictures. Hank was just over 6 months old, but he did really well. Puppies respond well to treats. The flashes from the camera got Toby really excited that year.

This year we went back to the humane society in Radford, with just Hank and Scout this go around. The photographer and other staff were the same folks from last year and they remembered our dogs. They even remembered that Scout had been a small puppy and couldn’t get over how big she is now.

Scout was a good girl this year and did not even jump on Santa. As usual, both dogs took right to him without any problems. This baffles me, especially with Hank. If you remember, he has issues with anyone besides Barry wearing wearing anything on their head (hat, sunglasses, etc.). Because apparently my husband is the only person in the word allowed to wear a hat or sunglasses. Surprisingly, he has no issues with a man in a white beard and red hat. Explain that one.

If you have pets, have you ever had their photo taken with Santa?

14 thoughts on “If you rip off Santa’s beard, he may not bring you treats”

  1. What cute grand-puppes, and so well behaved. I’m sure the appropriate amount of spoiling will occur this Christmas.Last Santa photo is of you and Ashleigh (our departed Westie) when you were three. She behaved better than you did. But then she usually did!LUD.

  2. Hank knows who brings all of the treats & bones on Christmas Day! Smart dog! And love the picture of Scout from last year. Isn’t it crazy how much they grow in that first year? What a cool idea! I’ll have to find out if our local shelter does this!

    1. He sure does! Such a smart cookie. It is crazy how quickly they grow. I was just looking at pictures of her next to Hank from last December and she was so tiny!

  3. Oh my goodness. These pictures are both hilarious and adorable! I love Scout’s little puppy picture! And they posed so well this year. Good dogs!

  4. Ahahaha, I love the variability in the Santas. 2010 Santa is, like, 20 years old.My family’s dogs have never had their picture taken with Santa, largely because it would NOT go well.

  5. What a great picture! I think both Hank and Scout are going to get lots of treats from Santa this year since they were so good when they got their picture made with him!

  6. So adorable, Meagan! Miss Phoebe is getting “up there” and sometimes I wonder if this will be her last Christmas. Maybe I should have her picture taken with Santa… Alas, she is already on vacation in Skull Valley (Glenn’s parents take her for the holidays so we can travel to see my family).

    1. It’s hard as they get older. Always make sure to take pictures at each holiday, just in case! They’re great to have later on. I am sure Phoebe is currently enjoying being pampered at Glenn’s parent’s house, and enjoying some pesky kitten-free time!!

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