Beef… it’s what’s for dinner

This is random and from a couple of weeks ago, but I still wanted to share. Scout has a certain spot where she always lays on the love seat in the living room. If you sit in her spot, she will usually get in your lap or sit next to you and stare at you until you move. On this particular day, Hank had decided to crawl into her spot to cuddle with me. Scout wasn’t having that (she also gets jealous), so she just climbed right on top of him and laid down. The crazy thing is Hank didn’t seem to mind. It didn’t last long, but still.

Sorry it’s grainy, it’s a cell phone picture

One of the perks of Barry working on a farm is that he comes home with surprises around the holidays. Last year it was a file box full of oranges, grapefruit, and various other citrus fruits. This year it’s 40 pounds of beef in the form of ground beef, t-bone steaks, cube steaks, beef liver, roast, and ground beef patties. Needless to say our chest freezer is very full now.

Since this is first and foremost a running blog, I should include something running related (I guess). I recently came across this collection of 41 running-inspired tattoos. Some of them are pretty wild, especially the really colorful ones of specific races. I think this one with the 26.2 and a dot for each successive marathon is pretty neat.

Since Thanksgiving is almost upon us, I also wanted to discuss Black Friday (dun dun duuuun). I have never gone out shopping on Black Friday and hopefully never will. The only purchase I’ve ever made on Black Friday was buying our giant dog crate (I kid you not, “giant” is the next size up from XL) and that purchase was made online. I know you have cyber Monday and all that, but this deal was available Friday.

Usually by the time Black Friday rolls around the majority of my Christmas shopping is done. For example, this year about 75% of it is done (don’t hate me). Here’s the great thing about that: when you wrap gifts in early December, you tend to forget what they are by the time Christmas arrives. Then when your friends and family open their gifts its as much a surprise for you as it is for them!

Do you have any tattoos? What are they?
No tattoos for me! I’m not necessarily opposed to them, but I’ve never been able to commit to what I’d want or where I’d want it.

Are you a Black Friday shopper? Share your stories from the trenches!

8 thoughts on “Beef… it’s what’s for dinner”

  1. I am definitely a Cyber Monday shopper and avoid Black Friday crowds at all costs. What’s better than shopping from the comfort of my home in sweats? Nothing! Besides, me and the FedEx delivery man are tight!Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Hope you are gearing up to get your deals and steals tomorrow! I love watching the “lightning” sales on Amazon. I’m tight with our delivery guy, too, except for me it’s the UPS guy. I order a lot of stuff online (especially this time of year) and I also ship a lot of stuff for work. The UPS guy ran into my husband in town one day and told him “your wife keeps me busy!”

  2. Nah. Black Friday is for hanging around the house in PJs, eating all manner of Thanksgiving leftovers, and basically being pretty slug-like surrounded by family. The end.Half of me desperately wants a tattoo….some kind of swirly black symbol/design – or maybe a Chinese character – at the base of my neck. The other half of me….spent too many years as a lifeguard, seeing sagging tattoos on older folks, and DOESN’T want to be THAT woman. Then the first half of me asks, “Gosh, Holly, how much could the back of your neck really sag, anyway?” And a fight ensues between my two halves. They never reach a conclusion, so I have, so far, been too chicken to get the tattoo. 🙂

  3. I’m the same way about tattoos – I haven’t come up with anything I’d want to see forever!I’m more of cyber monday shopper! I have 0 christmas presents at the moment though I need to step up my game!

  4. I’ve wanted a tattoo for awhile… but I, too, cannot commit to something yet. I’ve been trying to think of something running related that could be updated. The dots are a cute idea. Your dogs crack me right up. I cannot imagine. How long have you had both of them together? Phoebe just isn’t a cuddler!!

    1. I think I would want something running-related, too. But I really cannot commit to what or where so I probably will never get one.They crack me up, too 🙂 We have had both of them together for just over a year. We brought Scout home at the end of November 2012.

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