Thunder Road Marathon – The Aftermath

I left off with Barry and me sitting on the a sidewalk in Uptown Charlotte at the finish line of the Thunder Road Marathon. After a few minutes of sitting and talking, we headed over to the ‘Victory Lane’ area for the finisher’s party, which was right in front of the Nascar Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately most of the booths were already packed up and gone. The marathon had a cut off time of 6 hours and it was nearing the 6 hour mark. But still, I was surprised to see that most of the booths were packed up even before the cut off time had been reached. We walked by a massage booth and a beer tent. There was also a live band and there were two marathoners dancing like crazy all by themselves in front of the stage. I wish I had taken a picture…

I was walking pretty funny, but it felt worse to stop. Anytime our group stopped I would either walk around in small circles or just sit down. As part of the race, Barry and I got free entry into the Nascar Hall of Fame (usually $20 each) and our families got in at a discounted price of $10. We made plans to meet back at the Hall of Fame and parted ways. Barry and I headed back to the camper to take care of Hank and Scout and to get cleaned up.

We met back up with our families and spent about 1.5 hours walking through the Nascar Hall of Fame. It was really neat and had a number of exhibits.

On the second level, they had a sky box you could stand in and see the main level of the hall of fame. I gave the panorama setting of my camera a try.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Nascar, you would probably enjoy the museum because there’s so much to look at and so many interactive things to do. I could have easily spent an entire day in there reading everything. Barry and I both tried our hand at commentating a race.

I also pretended to be Jimmie Johnson for a minute. Getting into that car and getting back out was quite a feat. There was a lot of grunting and a lot of laughing from onlookers.

I had a good time at the Nascar Hall of Fame, but I was still feeling kind of nauseous, which probably had more to do with hunger at this point than anything. I hadn’t actually eaten anything since the race, aside from nibbling on my bagel and drinking Gatorade. I just didn’t feel like I could stomach anything.

From the Hall of Fame, we walked to a restaurant called 5 Church that my dad’s friend had recommended. At first they told us they didn’t have any tables available, because of reservations. But then the hostess said we could be seated at the VIP lounge, which was a low marble coffee table with leather couch seating on either side. I felt very swanky and felt like it probably wasn’t appropriate to take a picture. After we placed our orders, they brought out some bread. I started to feel better after having a piece of it. My dad surprised me with 26.2 magnets for my car and for our fridge.

I ordered the lamb burger, which is what my dad’s friend had recommended, and it was amazing! It’s not something I would have traditionally ordered, but I am so glad I tried it. It was topped with red onion marmalade, gorgonzola cheese (similar to bleu cheese), and arugula and was served on a housemade sesame seed bun. Barry also ordered (and loved) the lamb burger and everyone else got steaks. 5 Church Restaurant is definitely somewhere I’d go again if I am ever back in Charlotte.

The ceiling in the restaurant had writing all over it

After dinner we headed back to the campground and were off to bed before 10. I didn’t rest well, because the campground was close to the road and there were a lot of traffic sounds. My legs also kept waking me up. I never had actual full-blown cramps, but I kept having shooting pains in my quads and calves and my muscles would “ripple” without fully cramping. When I woke up the next morning my legs were very stiff and sore, and my right arm was also sore from carrying my water bottle during the race. Going down the steps out of the camper was quite a challenge.

Barry and I had a low key morning on Sunday and then hit the road around noon to head home from Charlotte. Each day since the race I have felt a bit better, except Sunday when I felt worse than Saturday. My quads are still very sore and my feet are also pretty sore.  I am taking things easy and all I have really done is some gentle stretching. I’m hoping to do a short, easy run sometime this weekend.

How long do you take off after a marathon or big race?

Have you ever had a lamb burger? What have you tried in the past that you didn’t think you’d like but you ended up loving?    

12 thoughts on “Thunder Road Marathon – The Aftermath”

  1. Depends how you define “off” – I take at least 3-4 days without running, just easy walking/spinning/etc. and stretching. And I take at least a week of “No Plan”. :)In Singapore, my policy is “Don’t tell me what it is until I try it, unless it’s organ meat – then tell me because I don’t eat organ meat, and I’m a biologist so will probably identify it anyway.” In this way, I learned that I actually LOVE jellyfish. It’s typically served as tentacles (and maybe the body gets sliced veeeeery thin), in a cold salad with vinegary sauce. I’m not sure I ever would have eaten it if I knew what it was – but eating it ‘blind’ ensured I went in with an open mind! 🙂

    1. I’m going “no plan” for most of the winter, I think. It’s easier to be flexible when the weather gets bad, so that I don’t end up going crazy when the weather conditions keep me from doing what I planned to do. That is a good policy to have on food! I don’t think I’d be willing to try jellyfish if I knew that’s what it was! I have knowingly tried fried calamari and I did not like it one bit… too rubbery.

  2. Those sound like fun post race plans!I hope you keep feeling better with each day and your run goes well! I’m hoping do a half marathon a month after my marathon and be okay for it!

    1. It was a lot of fun and I think the walking helped my legs a lot. As long as you are smart with your marathon recovery, I bet you’ll be fine for your half.

  3. Wow, you did a lot of walking after the race! That will probably help your recovery tremendously. I’m feeling pretty good today and am not really sore anymore. But I’m taking the week off for the most part. I’m actually in Charlotte this week on a business trip (just missed you!), and it’s good because I’m so busy I’m not thinking about not running or working out. I’ll probably get into the pool this weekend and then start some easy jogging next week.

    1. I think it definitely helped! By Wednesday I was walking down steps like a normal person. Hope you’re feeling back to normal by now and hope you enjoyed Charlotte!

  4. Congrats again! You legs should be handling going down stairs pretty well by today or tomorrow. I used to work at a gym where we had to walk down a long flight of stairs to get to the main gym. Everyone knew when I’d just run a marathon because I would have to walk down the stairs backwards! I usually take a couple of days totally off from all exercise after a marathon and then go for an easy run about 4 or 5 days later. I just tried a bite of Bill’s boar burger a few weeks ago. It was good, but I preferred my Angus burger!

    1. My legs were back to normal by Wednesday as far as stairs go 🙂 Good thing, since I encounter stairs and ladders at work frequently. I’m with you on the burgers. If I’m going to eat a burger, I’d prefer it be made of beef. But the lamb burger from that restaurant was pretty darn good!

  5. 33 miles on the bike and I felt the bun too. Starting to feel better. Took a 4 mile walk around Reid park in Tucson yesterday and today with nobody to hand me a beer!!! Starting to recover from my ride.LUD.LUD.

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip. :)How long do you take off after a marathon or big race?- No time, but I’ve only ever dne 5k’s.Have you ever had a lamb burger? What have you tried in the past that you didn’t think you’d like but you ended up loving? – I have not, but I would love to try one!

    1. It was a fun trip! I like having other plans aside from the race itself. You definitely should give a lamb burger a try! The one at the restaurant was really good, but we also recently bought some ground lamb and I had it as a burger with Swiss cheese, lettuce, and hot sauce which was also pretty good.

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