The end of October means time for pumpkin carving

On Friday I picked up my pumpkins for Halloween. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to go to the local pumpkin patch this year, so these ones just came from the grocery store.

Pretty good looking pumpkins, if I do say so myself. On Sunday afternoon I got down to carving them to turn them into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween! I decided to carve them in our living room while watching the Redskins play the Broncos (Go Skins!!). Football and pumpkin carving is a good combination for a Sunday afternoon in October.

The finished products:

I have mad pumpkin carving skills. Except not really, but I do alright. I always end up doing relatively the same thing each year with my pumpkins- a Virginia Tech one and a simple/traditional one. It works for me. I am excited for Halloween. I haven’t dressed up for it since college, but I love having all the kids come by and handing out candy.

Candy ready and waiting by the front door

I can probably relate this next picture to Halloween and claim we were dressing Scout up in a costume on Sunday.

But really, she just looks hilarious in a t-shirt. Especially when she sits on the couch (which is covered with a sheet in an effort to save it from dog slobber). She makes it even funnier because she walks around all mopey when she has a t-shirt on. Don’t worry, we didn’t “torture” her for long.

Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween? If so, do you do relatively the same pattern each year or do you mix it up?

Do you dress up for Halloween? Do you get many trick or treaters?

If you have pets, do you dress them up for Halloween?

14 thoughts on “The end of October means time for pumpkin carving”

  1. Hahaha poor Scout. But when she sits straight like that, she looks like a human! My sister’s dog gets mopey when you put clothes on her, too. If you put anything on her feet (even a little piece of tape) she acts like her limb has been amputated and refuses to let it touch the ground. It’s hilarious. I normally carve pumpkins, but we haven’t gotten around to it yet this year and probably won’t before Halloween =(. We live in an apartment, so I’ll definitely have candy ready for kids, but I will be secretly hoping there is tons left for me =).

    1. I thought she looked like a human, too! Sometimes Hank licks his paws, and we put socks on them to keep him from licking them raw. He walks around like what you described for your sister’s dog.

  2. My pumpkin is professionally carved into intricate designs by your little sister. She does an outstanding job and comes up with a different design every year. She is planning on carving it tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with this year.Got about thirty kids last year. Haven’t dressed up since you guys were young and I scared you with the piggy face.I did see a poodle dressed in a pit-bull costume this weekend. Pretty funny. And no, I don’t dress my pets up.LUD.

  3. I love dressing animals up, but most of them hate it and act all mopey. It is funny to watch Shrek has a red kerchief we put on him for hikes so he is more visible. He unfortunately associates it with adventures so we can’t put it on him at home or it would be teasing the little guy 😦

  4. Scout is hilarious in her t-shirt! I think she’s mopey because she’s watching the game and not wearing a Redskins shirt! :-)I love your pumpkins… especially the one on the right!

  5. I just love Scout in her shirt. She looks totally human sitting there. 🙂 Thank you for making me laugh out loud!I love to dress up for Halloween and hand out candy. Last year I got called into work unexpectedly and this year I haven’t had the time to put something together :(You’ve got me rooting for the Hokies!

  6. Scout looks so mopily hilarious in this shot!I’m really not particularly into Halloween, but I do like pumpkin carving – my favorite year was when I invited my lab (mostly all Chinese students in the US for PhD/post-doc) over to my apartment, and introduced them to the tradition. So fun!! [And it’s awesome to have some not-too-ridiculous American habits to share with folks, too!] In Singapore, though, pumpkins cost about $1,000 (not really, but it is about 5x more than in the US) – and we probably wouldn’t be allowed to leave it outside anyway, for fear that mosquitoes would lay eggs in it or something. Ah, well….

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